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  1. I replied to the waitlist email today after seeing a thread about someone doing it and they responded within 10 minutes.
  2. I also replied to the waitlist email. I am #7 on the waitlist. gpa: 87 comfirmed lsat: 159
  3. Just accepted! Lsat: 159 GPA: 4.12/4.33 (Before drops) decent amount of ecs. regular category
  4. May 15th. Seems very late to me. I thought it would have been mid April.
  5. Accepted today about an hours ago. LSAT: 159 GPA: Cumulative: 4.12/4.33 (L2: 4.28/4.33) Had pretty decent ec's and strong reference letters. Will probably be declining.
  6. Yes, I did get into UofA a while back. However, I'd prefer UofC.
  7. I was told that they haven't ranked the waitlist yet, but it will be by June.
  8. Interesting, I just called too and got a different information regarding the waitlist.
  9. I asked her if I was on the waitlist, and she said yes. Maybe that means I will be on the waitlist, not sure?
  10. My status has not been updated. It still reads: awaiting evaluation.
  11. Hi everyone, I just called the admissions office and asked what spot I am on the waitlist. I have a 159 and confirmed gpa of 88%. She told my spot on the waitlist cannot be given because the ranking for the waitlist won't be completed until June. But, that seems very late given the last year forums where people are accepted off the waitlist much earlier than June. Anyone have any insight or thoughts on this?
  12. The green circle usually means that you've been accepted. That being said, UofC emails you when you've been accepted, waitlisted or declined. I would personally just wait for the email.
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