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  1. How did you calculate a 91%? I thought UBC maxed at 90% which is a 4.33? Just curious, thanks
  2. Hi everyone, curious if any of you have tried LSATMAX online prep course? Im thinking about signing up as prep tool?
  3. Does anyone know if upper level credits are weighted heavier than lower level credits when your gpa is calculated?
  4. Hi, do you mind sharing how you improved your lsat score so much?
  5. Hi, I'm wondering if you mind sharing how you increased your lsat score by 13 points! This quite the improvement!
  6. I can't imagine writing the lsat on a tablet. Unless, they figured out a way to have no glare, possibly an e-reader type of tablet? Otherwise, staring at a screen for hours would be exhausting.
  7. Hey everyone, most if not all of my ecs are religious based volunteering with different trips/organizations etc. I wouldn't think it should matter, but I've heard it may negatively affect the application process? thoughts?
  8. Does anyone know what the average lsat score and gpa average is for TRU? I can't find any stats online.
  9. Hi Everyone, just curious to what I need to score on my lsat to gain entrance into UBC law? My gap is 4.07 (on the ubc scale, thats about 86%). I know it says the average lsat score is 166 their website, but since I have a higher gpa than average I thought I may be able to score a bit lower? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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