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  1. It probably differs amongst HR professionals, but from my perspective it would prob be best that you answer those questions in general terms as best you can. If further and further probed you can hit them with a polite NDA response. Remember that a recruiter is also looking for culture-add, and having someone who seems a bit stuck up will not serve you well, even if you have the correct intentions.
  2. I was referring to the fact/concept that you can technically submit your application partially complete by Nov 1st; ie not have an active LSAT score on record or uploaded transcripts. That being said, It would probably be smart to apply knowing that you have your transcript uploaded to OLSAS
  3. I called them last week and the lady told me that when you submit your application, they request your transcripts and as long as you submit your application before Nov 1st, you're fine. So you can submit it on Nov 1 and technically not have your transcripts uploaded to OLSAS and still be fine. Same concept applies to LSAT scores in the case where you do not have 1 before Nov 1st. This seems contrary to what @erinl2 stated above, so I guess it's better to be safer in this scenerio and just apply in advance
  4. I also struggle with RC, but largely due to missing key words within the answer choices that distinguish the right from wrong. I found skimming through the questions before reading the passage to be helpful in guiding me to read with a purpose.
  5. were you given scrap paper to diagram the logical games? or are you expected to do that on the tablet.
  6. Check out fox encyclopedia for LR. I'm surprised i don't see much mention of this resource on these forums, it's an absolute game changer. I'v read several LSAT prep books and this one does a great job of drilling into you the many logical inconsistencies that are written into the LR stimuli. - It's become second nature at this point for me to look at clues that reveal these logical fallacies, such as how samples of studies are decided, corrolation-causation mistakes, etc.
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