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  1. I'm from rural BC and am considering pursuing a career in rural law I am also considering potentially going to an Ontario law school (probably Queens or Western). I was wondering if it is feasible to attend an Ontario school and obtain an articling position in rural BC, I would also be okay with potentially articling and eventually working in northern/ rural Ontario, but I don't know how they would look at someone who isn't local.
  2. How much would a lawyer working in rural BC or Alberta potentially make. I was wondering what a ballpark estimate would be for a relatively new lawyer as opposed to someone more experienced. I read that the average lawyer in Montana makes about 48,000 per year, I know that it's an American stat but that seems kinda low (?)
  3. I did my first 2 years of undergrad at U of A in Alberta (I'm back in Bc now but that's not important to my question) and I got around a 3.6 on a 4.0 scale, to get this I had to get about 86% ish in all my classes, on the ubc website it says the average accepted law applicant has 83% or a CGPA of 3.8, is this gpa measured on a 4.0 scale? And if not how would a 3.6 measure up? would it be competitive if coupled with a strong lsat?
  4. I never said that no employer in BC would hire a TRU grad, but law school is a big commitment monetarily and temporally, so I just want to ensure that the school I pick will not hinder my employment prospects in any way, based on the feedback is gotten so far it appears that TRU would be a sound choice.
  5. I've been looking at TRU law school as I'm from the BC interior and am considering going into law, I would like to someday practice in a rural town or perhaps at a midsize firm somewhere in BC. I read a post on Reddit stating that certain employers will not hire TRU law grads and I was wondering whether this was true, as well as the question: is TRU considered a reputable school in BC and/or in Canada in general?
  6. Would a grad with a JD from a smaller BC school like TRU be taken seriously compared with a grad from UBC or Uvic? Or is there just no comparison like comparing a Harvard grad to a T80-100 grad in the US?
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