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  1. Hi all, If I'm applying for 2020 entry and will be writing the LSAT 2019 Sept; does it matter if I get the 2018 PS Bibles or the 2019 versions? Asking because the 2018 ones are way cheaper. Thanks.
  2. I actually emailed them to ask specifically about this question. They did say in the email that they do not care as much about how many courses you take, ESPECIALLY in your final year. So hope that helps.
  3. Hey all, I'm looking to buy the powerscore LR and LG bibles, was wondering if editions (2018, 2016 etc) matter? Obviously the newer the better, but I'm on a tight budget and was hoping the 2016 ones would be fine as well because I know someone selling them in a bundle and it's wayy cheaper than buying them individually on amazon. I know that have been changes to all of the books. But are those changes worth the $55 before tax for a very very broke student? Any advice appreciated!
  4. anxietybanana

    LSAT and Mental Health

    Thank you! I think I do have the answer You're right. I was told by many to take a gap year as well, I was initially terrified of it, but you're right, law school isn't going anywhere. More time would definitely give me more clarity as well. Got your message!
  5. Hi peeps, I had work all summer so was only able to study for the LSAT for the ~2 weeks after my contract ended and before school started. I tried to cram every technique of every section within that period and have been doing PTs, so far I've been getting horrendous scores (duh) especially on LR and sometimes LG. I really think this is due to my lack of practice and time to really dig deep into each concept (because I was in a rush to cram all of it in). Thing is, I've already registered for the LSAT this Saturday (today's Thursday), I can't get a refund nor defer it at this point. Should I just go ahead anyway and treat it as a practice test? My psychologist advised against it because 1) I know for sure the score I get from Saturday won't fairly represent my abilities, 2) I've been studying non-stop for the last 2 weeks (the only bits of my actual summer holiday) and really could use a break before my final school term, and 3) seeing the crappy score that does not represent my abilities might make me even more stressed, but this is debatable. I KIND OF want to write it nonetheless because 1) at this point, it's basically a $300 'practice' test in the actual testing condition, doing it honestly has no harm (imo), and 2) I'd be able to see the sections I scored the worst in (even though I'm pretty sure I already know) and improve from there. That being said, the main thing is that I don't feel prepared at all, and my scores from PTs clearly reflect it. Might as well study more and prep for the one in November (and beyond)? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! P.S. Used LSAT Trainer.
  6. Yes, PT scores are no where near a range I hope to get. Was frustrated but considering I only had 2 weeks to prep, I was hoping to use Saturday as another prep test. But not sure if the stress is really worth it because I will probably end up in the 140 range, maybe even worse.
  7. anxietybanana

    LSAT and Mental Health

    This is beautiful. And I think I'd need some advice. I'm really, really debating if I should even apply this year (this is my fourth year in my program). I've struggled with pretty bad mental health issues leading up to this point, I also have some ADD so focusing does not come natural to me. My cgpa is around a 3.7 but could've been a 3.9, this is because I switched programs and this is actually my 5th year undergrad, so nothing really raises anything anymore. Life also happened during 2/5 of those years and I got very very distracted. I had work this past summer and was only able to study for 2 weeks for the LSAT, I'm not prepared to write this Saturday and probably won't. The next one is in Nov but applications are due November 1st for law schools. My self confidence is pretty mediocre (sometimes, very, very low), and I'm worried that I might need much more time to prep for the lsat and nail every detail of the applications. This is also a tough term for me school wise. What would you suggest? I'm not opposed to waiting a year and working at a job that isn't mentally engaging so I could just breathe (I've been in consecutive school terms without break for the past 4 years). But I'm also afraid of taking a gap year, I fear that I'd just lose motivation for everything. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. anxietybanana

    September or November LSAT?

    OP, are you going forth with writing it on Sept 8? I'm in a similar (but worse) boat; I had work till the end of summer and had 2 weeks in total to study for it. I crammed as much as I could and basically got around that same score. I think I'm much better off writing it in Nov, just curious about what you've decided.
  9. Preferably with no (or very minimal) markings. Must be of 2017-18 edition. Along with any practice tests that you have (again, minimal or no pencil markings), I already have 72-81 so anything else is wanted! Thanks in advance!