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  1. Just got the email. cGPA: 3.67 B3: 3.77 LSAT: 163
  2. Hard to predict with Part B applicants. I would say you should give it a shot, but I would apply to other schools also.
  3. I would guess that you are in. You are very competitive.
  4. You are very competitive. Only you can decide what to pursue, but you may get an acceptance any day now. 55% chance I would bet.
  5. Difficult to predict with Part B applicants. I would say 50% chance. Certainly competitive.
  6. Hello all, I am starting a new Osgoode Hall 2022 facebook group. In order to start it, I need to add a few people into it. Please send me a private message with your facebook account and I will add you! Thank you Congrats to all who got in!!
  7. I would like to know this also. My guess would be that you cannot bring a guest, but im not 100% sure .
  8. Freaking the fuck out. Got the email this morning! cGPA: 3.67 LSAT: 163 Bad ECs, very strong PS (I think), strong LORs General Applicant
  9. Let's all try to relax a little and just enjoy non-law related activities for a few days. Cheers!
  10. In Ontario: High chances: Western, Queens Mediocre chance: Ottawa Low chance: Osgoode, UofT
  11. Great chance at: Ottawa, Queens, Windsor** Mediocre chance at: Western Low chance at: Osgoode Almost no chance at: UofT
  12. Pretty sure it is considered a full course load.
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