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  1. Hello all, I am starting a new Osgoode Hall 2022 facebook group. In order to start it, I need to add a few people into it. Please send me a private message with your facebook account and I will add you! Thank you Congrats to all who got in!!
  2. jjbb2020

    More details regarding receptions/events

    I would like to know this also. My guess would be that you cannot bring a guest, but im not 100% sure .
  3. jjbb2020

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Freaking the fuck out. Got the email this morning! cGPA: 3.67 LSAT: 163 Bad ECs, very strong PS (I think), strong LORs General Applicant
  4. jjbb2020

    In queue 2019

    GG WP bro
  5. jjbb2020

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Let's all try to relax a little and just enjoy non-law related activities for a few days. Cheers!
  6. jjbb2020

    cgpa of 3.3/ L2 - 3.75/ LSAT: 165

    In Ontario: High chances: Western, Queens Mediocre chance: Ottawa Low chance: Osgoode, UofT
  7. jjbb2020

    Chances to Ontario schools

    Great chance at: Ottawa, Queens, Windsor** Mediocre chance at: Western Low chance at: Osgoode Almost no chance at: UofT
  8. Pretty sure it is considered a full course load.
  9. jjbb2020

    November LSAT

    Yes I was accepted with November. I also had September score though, which was actually higher than my Nov score. EDIT- sorry I am wrong, I was accepted 1 day before my Nov score was released. Sorry!! Got confused.
  10. jjbb2020

    Accepted to Western 2019

    Accepted! GPA: 3.66, L2/B2: ~3.75 LSAT: 163 Didn't get an email, just checked my application on their website.
  11. jjbb2020

    How to Become a Partner on Bay Street

    I don't have any answers for you, but I love the honesty. I have no doubt that this thread will get juicy.
  12. jjbb2020

    Chances? 3.43 CGPA 157 LSAT

    Ya, I would say 40-50% chance. Maybe more if there is an upward trend in your grades.
  13. jjbb2020

    Chances [LSAT: Cancel, 163; CGPA: 3.64]

    Got similar stats to you and most have told me that we are solid. Don't sweat it, I am sure you are in.
  14. jjbb2020

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Access or general?
  15. jjbb2020

    Is 35 too old to go to law school?

    I have just applied this cycle, so I am waiting on offers.