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  1. scottbeowulf

    Good Character Requirement

    My bad. I was hoping for input regarding what the LSO looks at and whether it was appropriate to contact them. My apologies if I crossed the line into anything that goes against forum rules. I have edited my post to try and make it more appropriate. Also, thank you for the advice about who to contact.
  2. scottbeowulf

    Good Character Requirement

    I am hoping for a little feedback with regard to the Good Character Requirement for the Law Society of Ontario. How would the LSO view a four year old absolute discharge that is no longer on the criminal record. I realize the nature of the offence likely matters but I am loathe to get into personal details. Speaking generally, am I right in assuming that it is my duty to report any past issues even if they do not appear on my criminal record? And, would it be appropriate to contact the LSO to ask their opinion?
  3. scottbeowulf

    Are loans ever offered at less than prime?

    I spoke with an advisor from RBC today and they offered prime right out of the gate without negotiating. I prefaced the conversation by saying that I had read online that Scotia's plan was quite favourable but I banked at RBC and would prefer to keep everything in one place if they were competitive... not sure if that had an impact or not but the way she phrased it made it seem like it was a pretty standard offer.
  4. scottbeowulf

    Please negotiate your LOC

    Just spoke to advisors from Scotia and RBC today... I bank with RBC but have read here that Scotia is the preferred choice of many so I wanted to compare. Here's what they told me: SCOTIA - Called back within 10 minutes of me sending an email, very helpful. Offers 135k for Osgoode students. I asked about the interest rate. They told me that Prime + 0% was possible depending on my credit history (and their risk). They also offer a 24 month grace period (which begins AFTER articling) before repayment. Offered to send an email with all the details. RBC - I prefer to stay with them as I have all my accounts there already. They offered Prime + 0% right out of the gate without negotiation. Same repayment structure as Scotia. But only 125k. I was approved over the phone. The advisor is emailing me the offer and all I need to do in-brach is bring my proof of enrolment and sign the documents. I plan on doing my due diligence with Scotia to see if they will in fact match (after all the extra 10k could come in handy). Though I was impressed that RBC offers Prime + 0% as a matter of policy without negotiation. People don't seem to mention them often but they are worth a look. Even if only as a tool to leverage another institution. **EDIT** - One difference I forgot to mention. Scotia gives you the 135k in three instalments of 45k, whereas RBC gives you the 125k up front.
  5. Applying as a mature student will give you the chance to use all that experience as part of your narrative... which is great, as the whole point of considering stats in the first place is to give the admissions boards an idea of how you might preform in law school. Depending on the strength of your PS and references, you might be able to express your ability in other ways... That being said, if you are able to find a spot near you that still has a spot available for the January LSAT, getting that score over 160 certainly couldn't hurt. Good luck!!
  6. scottbeowulf

    Fall Grades

    And it's not even the money. It's the principal. Many schools don't even charge. The fact that York charges $15 every time they send an electronic file is brutal... it'd be different if it was on some fancy paper from Papyrus or some shit.
  7. scottbeowulf

    Chances: cGPA 3.68 & LSAT 157

    If there's any chance you can pull it off... do the rewrite. It can only help. After everything you have accomplished, you gotta put all your cards on the table.
  8. scottbeowulf

    Chances: cGPA 3.68 & LSAT 157

    You are a rockstar! Raising a family + 3.68cGPA over 2.5 years on course overload while working! I hope you appreciate how awesome you are. I'm not sure if you qualify for mature status or not but applying under the Indigenous category with that kind of narrative... I have to think you'll get in. After all, isn't the whole point to the holistic approach to find a diverse group of candidates that can excel under pressure? I wish you all the luck!
  9. scottbeowulf

    Fall Grades

    Not to sound cheap but York charges me $15 every time I request my transcript. At the end of the day, that's $45! **EDIT** I just re-read my post. I do sound cheap.
  10. scottbeowulf

    Any Advantages to a Firm Acceptance?

    It was some Danish actor that was in a single episode of Game of Thrones. He played the guy who felt that everything was "highly irregular." My new pic is one where I photoshopped a helm onto Scott Baio's face, creating... Scott Beowulf.
  11. Hey! I am a mature student myself and was offered admission to Oz in December. Prior to getting my offer, I was asking a lot of questions similar to yours. So while I am no expert (like Ryn), I am happy to share what I have heard from others. The long and short of it is this... as many factors go that into general admissions, for mature applicants there are arguably even more. How long have you been out of school? What did you do with your life while not in school? Why law? Why now? All of this is PS material that will give them a feel about how you will perform... in addition to your stats. But, from what I understand, there is no set timeline to worry about. It's only January after all. A mature student with similar stats to mine got in last year but had to wait until March for the offer. I have no idea how the timing works but I don't think there is any reason for you to worry. Feel free to PM me anytime if you have more questions. And good luck!
  12. scottbeowulf

    Any Advantages to a Firm Acceptance?

    Fair enough. I guess I'm just a bit excited and overthinking it. I'm just gonna chill and try not get ahead of myself.
  13. scottbeowulf

    Any Advantages to a Firm Acceptance?

    I love what a small community these forums are. The fact that you know my story beyond this post is hilarious.
  14. scottbeowulf

    Any Advantages to a Firm Acceptance?

    Housing isn't really an issue for me--as I already live in the city--but that could be a big deciding factor for some. It's exactly the type of thing I was wondering about.
  15. scottbeowulf

    Any Advantages to a Firm Acceptance?

    Hey Lucky, I get how the OLSAS system works, I'm just wondering if there is any benefit to firmly accepting an offer early rather than keeping it provisional while waiting on other offers. I am 95% sure that I want to accept. But, if there is no benefit to an early firm acceptance, I figure I may as well leave it provisional while I wait to hear from the other school.