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  1. Ottawa, hand down. Ryerson has no alumni network, no connections on Bay street, and no reputation yet.
  2. Do you know if civil trials will also be resuming on July 7th?
  3. I hear CERB is very popular in 2020.
  4. I used PowerScore and 7 sage (just the free online forums to find answers to practice questions I found particularly difficult). I studied for about 1.5 months and my mark was 168. I think you may be better served by writing in October or November. I am afraid that January may be too long and you might get study fatigue.
  5. This may be helpful. https://www.canadianlawyermag.com/news/general/making-the-grade-.-.-.-or-appealing-it/268872
  6. I think it can possibly work against you, if you took a pro-Palestinian stance, depending on the firm. During 2L, I went through the OCI process, and had many in-firm interviews. One firm told me they were going to offer me the job (I know a violation of the Rules). On offer call day I received no offer from them. I was fortunate that another firm I was interested in offered me a job, but I called a partner at the first firm to ask what happened. It was a little like pulling teeth to get a straight answer from him, but I pressed him and finally he told me they had Googled my name and some people on the hiring committee had a problem because I had signed a petition condemning anti BDS legislation in some American states.
  7. If Ottawa starts curving to a B+ and all of the other law schools are still curving to a B, how will law firms assess transcripts from Ottawa compared to other schools? I know employers must already have a challenge with UofT.
  8. Find the thing that no one wants to do and do it. For my 1L summer, the firm I worked for had some files that were an absolute mess and no one wanted to fix. I heard lawyers and paralegals grumbling about the files, so I offered to fix them. For some of the files, it was simply a matter of organizing the physical file, for other files it was a matter of documenting what was missing or outstanding, and for others it was a matter of creating a summary of documents. The work was boring and far from fun, but the lawyers I worked for were suitably impressed and wrote me an excellent reference letter. Also, if you see something in your firm that could be done better, i.e. more effectively or efficiently, think of ways to improve it and bring these ideas to your supervisor, see what they think and if they like them offer to implement them.
  9. Just to present the opposing view, I know some students with families who found juggling law school and family commitments quite difficult. A few had poor marks in 1L and believed that family demands were the reason. Moving to Ottawa would allow you to dedicate your time almost exclusively to school without the distractions and commitments that living with family entails. I should add that I am not married and I don't have kids, so I have no personal experience in this area.
  10. No, you wouldn't be eligible. Articling is a process that law school graduates complete in order to qualify as a lawyer (plus Bar exams). Law firms hire articling students with the intent of gaining a new lawyer at the end of the process.
  11. She spends most of lecture regaling the class with her experiences as a bencher, instead of teaching substantive law. She frequently cancels class. One year she cancelled (and later rescheduled) a midterm year 10 minutes before it was due to start. Her midterm was written by another prof known for writing LSAT type exams, and most of the class bombed the exam. A lot of the material on the exam had not been covered in class. The same year she didn't complete the course and another prof ended up marking the final papers.
  12. Avoid St. Lewis like the plague.
  13. This is for U.Ottawa's LL.L program. I think I would call or email them about admissions and your GPA. Conditions of admission One of the following requirements (1): Hold a college diploma awarded by the Quebec Ministry of Education (DEC); or Hold a two-year degree from an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT); or Have completed the equivalent of one academic year (minimum of 30 credits); or Meet the definition of " Adult Applicant " Have sufficient knowledge of the written and spoken French language. Minimum average: 80% for college studies and 78% for university studies. Please note that the admission file is generally assessed on the basis of the highest studies completed, excluding higher studies (master's and doctorate). For more information on assessing the file and calculating the average, you can contact the Admissions Office. Minimum average: Please note that due to the lack of uniformity between the grading scales of Canadian universities that any average obtained in a Canadian university is converted on the grading scale of the University of Ottawa in order to allow all university applicants can be assessed fairly and equitably. * Students enrolled in the general law certificate must have completed or be in the process of completing the 30 credits of the certificate before applying for admission to the license program. https://droitcivil.uottawa.ca/en/civil-law-uottawa/programs-of-study/licence-en-droit
  14. May I ask, what is your year of call?
  15. 1. Where do I live closer to the school? I prefer to live alone. (Hoping this location is walkable to campus!) -Sandy Hill and Byward Market are walkable, but anywhere downtown is good. I had friends who lived in Elgin and walked to school. 2. How is the public transportation? is it safe? does it run late? -the buses are pretty good and they run late. I found them relatively safe. 3. Big foodie here - is there a big foodie scene? Or any cool events in the city? -coming from Toronto, I found Ottawa's food choices limited. Ottawa has some great restaurants at the upper end, but I found the choices for a student budget rather limited. Ottawa has more shawarma places than anywhere in Canada, so if you like shawarma and Middle Eastern food, you'll be happy 4. Where are the sketchy neighbourhoods at I should avoid? -east Byward after dark can be sketchy and so can the north end of Rideau Mall. Byward is a funny area, it is quite mixed, with some great restaurants and condos, but there are some homeless shelters, so you see crackheads using on the street, and I some of the panhandlers can be quite aggressive . 5. I heard classes at UOttawa Law are big - how big are they really? -I think some 1L classes can be around 100 people, but I honestly cannot remember the exact size of my larger classes. 6. When is the best time I should look for housing? (if not covid issue here) -ASAP, decent housing goes quickly in Ottawa, but if people are moving out for September 1, the latest they can hand in their notice would be July 1.
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