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  1. Sadly I have to add myself to this list. I checked minerva in the early afternoon today and saw 'refused' as my application status. GPA: 3.6 from McGill LSAT: 162 EC: Really Good In my opinion, LOR and PS are too hard to self evaluate.
  2. That makes sense. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I know that this forum is not the admissions office, but this information raises a new question for me. I actually moderated a panel with the new Dean of Admissions 8 months ago; I explicitly mention it in my statement as well. Do you think I need to call the office and declare something regarding my past work with her? Practically speaking were not that close, if we were I would have probably known about her new position. 😅 Any thoughts?
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a question (and maybe a PSA). I was checking the McGill Law Supporting Documents page and noticed that there may be changes to the PS. From previous cycles, my understanding was that it was a two page personal statement with one inch margins on all sides. Now however, it looks like McGill has changed it to 500 words (usually just short of a page). It's on their website so its probably not a mistake, anyone know if there's a particular reason for switching to the shorter format? What are the implications for the entering class of 2019. In comparison to other universities, McGill was always on par or maybe slight generous, considering UBC (750 words) and Toronto (5000 character roughly a page and three quarters), with the 2 pages but considering how holistic the admissions process is, it made sense. I wonder if this is a change in more than just the PS but the weights of each part of the application. Thoughts?
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