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  1. Hey guys! so unfortunately I was rejected to the schools I applied to for sept 2019 and will be re-applying. I am wondering if in my personal statement I should mention that I applied last year and what I have been doing since my last application that makes me different. Is it worth mentioning or would it be a red flag for admissions to read a personal statement that says I’ve already been rejected prior. Any info on this will help! Thanks guys!
  2. Also rejected off the waitlist. Got the email just now.
  3. This probably doesn’t help anyone but I called in today just to confirm and the upcoming class is full. The lady told me they close the waitlist in the first 10 days in September meaning waitlist people can possibly receive an acceptance as late as the first 10 days in September
  4. Hey guys, I am just wondering if anyone has contacted Windsor for any updates on how the acceptances are moving along. I feel like this is the farthest Windsor has been behind from looking at different years. Just wondering if anyone knows anything that we don't and wants to share :)
  5. Judging by previous years acceptance threads there seems to be one big wave of acceptances that include waitlist acceptances. Last year it was around May 14th and the year before was a lot earlier, so seems like they are behind this year. I know, the wait is killing me. Hopefully one happens by the end of the month.
  6. Also rejected on Friday! CGPA 3.3, 154 I didn't actually even get an email, it was just updated OASIS.
  7. Also rejected today! Cgpa 3.3, 154
  8. ^ Just to reference what I was referring to in my post before this.
  9. You should totally call in and ask! Not to get your hopes up, but it seems like everyone who received the invite was accepted. I also remember someone calling in and were told that only those who are accepted get the meet and greet email. Fingers crossed.
  10. Hey, everyone has given pretty good advice and I wanted to say I am in the same boat as you. I was really considering a masters as well, but it is just a waste of money and time for what we want to go into. What gave me hope was actually this forum! There are people that have gotten into law school there 5th time applying or have boosted their LSAT scores by 20 points. One year working and studying for LSATS is not bad at all. Don't give up!!
  11. Just trying to show it was kept to a theme. Most my experience was around social justice for women. Should’ve been more specific!
  12. Okay, it’s so worrying! Thank you! Goodluck!
  13. I am not getting any emails that everyone is talking about at all. I only received an email when my application was received and then when I got waitlisted. Is anyone else not receiving them?
  14. It is a 3.6 by my calculations and I have great (in my opinion) ECs and LORs. Work at a law office, volunteering with female politicians & organizations, published paper etc... guess my stats were just way too low, which could’ve been predicted though.
  15. Congratulations that’s amazing!! Do you mind sharing your stats?
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