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  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to get some opinions, I am completely torn. I have been accepted to both school's for September 2019. I am from Ontario and did 2 years of my undergrad out east at St.FX ( I love out east) and have done the last 2 years at western and enjoyed it as well. Ideally I will be looking to get into corporate law and work in either Calgary or Toronto. Just wanted to hear some personal experiences regarding living in both Kingston and Halifax as I have no idea what either is like. Also-- any insights in quality of education comparison would be very welcomed as well as which school is a better option to set myself up to work in Toronto or Calgary, I can not seem to get a proper read on much of this. Any information is very much appreciated
  2. 3.9 I believe! ----- I go to Western, I just went on there weighted GPA/Average site and this was the conversion.
  3. Yes ! Advanced Entry Candidate actually- I am only in my 3rd year
  4. Got accepted a couple days ago! 3.31 GPA---- saying this 88% over the last 2 years 159 LSAT-- waiting to hear back from a couple other places but leaning towards accepting! Goodluck to all.
  5. My calculated GPA on the OLSAS site is 3.26, saying this during my first year of university I was a part time student and had multiple concussions and undiagnosed ADHD that I was given treatment for the following summer. I provided admission's offices with this knowledge and doctor's notes supporting both claims along with requesting that the schools only use grades from after my first year are used to calculate GPA. If they do comply with this my GPA would be a 4.0 as I have held an 88% in years 2,3,4. I also have just received my LSAT score of 159 this morning. Additionally, I will not be able to finish my degree until next Christmas as a first year student I was studying part time, so I am applying to be admitted 1 semester short of completing my degree. Just wondering if anyone has any insight on what my chances might be at where I have applied, -Queens -Western - Dalhousie - Osgoode - UBC Any insight is appreciated. 🙂
  6. Thanks a lot for the recommendations. Ironically my PB of 165 came on Monday October 29th after a weekend reunion with friends where I did not look at any LSAT material from the previous Thursday until the Monday I did that PT. Seems very weird not preparing with only 9 days left but I will take the next few days off and try another PT this Sunday. Thanks for the advice ! @erinl2 @HandsomeSocialist
  7. Hi everybody, Just want to say thanks in advance to anyone who is able to offer some helpful advice on my current situation. In mid August I purchased the power score books and began preparing for the November 17th LSAT. I have been putting in 20-25 hours a week since then. About 2-3 weeks ago I hit 5 practice tests in a row all above 160, with my highest being a week ago this past Monday (October 29th) at 165. During these tests on for the most part I would be between -3 and -6 on LR, -8 and -10 on RC, and -3-6 on LG. Unfortunately the 4 tests I have taken since my peak have been 160- 159-157-156. It seems the mistakes are stupid errors that make perfect sense when I look back on the problems reviewing. Obviously this is alarming with the test just 9 days away. If anyone has experienced any situation like this in the past and has any recommendations they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  8. I am looking to do this next year. If you or anybody that you know has done this in the past, Please share which schools and stats! Would be much appreciated.
  9. Reason being like you mentioned that I am interested in working on Bay street, and those 2 schools gave me the best opportunity to do so. I am from Toronto so this adds up. UBC on the other hand represents a unique opportunity to live and potentially work out west. I love the lifestyle out that way and it is the only place other than the GTA that I could potentially see myself living. I think UBC would be a cool fresh start and it is also a school that gives me good mobility (from what I understand) if I wanted to return home in the future. I plan on putting 20-25 hours or so in per week for the 3 months, and have purchased all 9 of the powerscore books and around 40 practice tests. When I did my 152 diagnostic I did not even know there was 3 different components to the test. Like you said, I understand it is quite a large jump, but one that I feel I can make with the right preparation. Additionally I plan on applying to Ottawa, Queens, Western, and Dalhousie out east to provide myself with additional options if the first 3 do not work out. I really appreciate your feedback.
  10. Long story short- my first year of university and summer intersession thereafter I really struggled, as a part-time student I had a 60% average. Over the last 2 years, I have taken a full course load and held an 88%. I am entering my 3rd-year full time now and can graduate at Christmas 2019. Saying that I would like to enter law school without fully finishing my degree in as it is something that I am not interested in pursuing, and would potentially like to begin in the fall of 2019. So over the course of all 3 years university, my GPA sits at 78%-- -around a 3.3. My last 2 full-time years I have held 88%--- a 3.9. I was struggling with concussions during my first year of school when I was struggling academically. I was also diagnosed with ADHD in the summer afterward and received medication for it. After recovering from my concussions and receiving medication for my condition I started to succeed academically. I have doctors notes proving both of these things to be accurate. Hypothetically if I score well on my LSAT 165+ ( I cold tested a 152 and have 3 months to prepare for Nov. test). With the proper documentation listed above, do you think that my very poor first year and intersession will affect my chances of getting in high-end schools? ( I am looking to go to UoT, Osgoode, or UBC-Allard) any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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