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  1. Hi. I finished my four year bachelors in nursing 10 years ago. Never cared for my grades at the time (regret this now) and I'm sitting here with a laughable cGPA. Got bored of my job the last couple of years and was exploring other options. A coworker resigned from work to pursue law school so I inquired what it took to get in. I learned of the LSAT, studied, and got a 172 (only attempt). I'm 31 years old, with 8 years of healthcare experience which may qualify me for access/mature? Apparently a healthcare background is advantageous in law? I'm currently making 90k/year, but shift work, working weekends, and limited time off is getting to me. Would law school even be worthwhile? I understand I would have to take it more seriously than my undergrad studies, but the LSAT wasn't too bad. I could probably shoot for a 175 if it would make a big difference. Tuition wouldn't be an issue. Any realistic options out there for me? Thank you.
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