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  1. Last year Osgoode had a few waves (November, December, January and March) where they sent out a wave of acceptances during those months, but it was over a few days.
  2. From what I understand, the first day is the only day that we're required to be present at because it involves registration. But I am sure if you contact the school about it now they can work something out for you. You'd be giving them tons of advance notice.
  3. Nope, not yet. Mine says the same thing and I accepted my offer over a month ago. I emailed Vicky and she said that we should have that information by July.
  4. I am not sure when you were accepted or if you have received your acceptance letter in the mail, but my Student Number was included at the top of my physical letter of acceptance.
  5. Hi there! I have the same issue (not having received my Osgoode email login information). I emailed Vicky about it and she replied to be saying that we will not be receiving our Osgoode email information until July, or a little bit sooner. So I would not worry about it now. With this being said, I would assume that the registration package will be sent to our personal email. With regard to your last question, I am not positive how we pay our tuition fees, although I am sure the digital Registration package will provide us with this information.
  6. I believe it starts Thursday, August 22.
  7. For those of you who have been able to set up your email-is your Osgoode email address a gmail account that ends with @my.yorku.ca? Or is it an email ending with @osgoode.yorku.ca? I’m a little confused because I’ve seen information online saying that Osgoode has migrated to Microsoft Outlook, however when I made a Passport York account my email was automatically set up as a Google/gmail account. I think I'm just confused as to whether we are supposed to have 2 separate email accounts-A York one and an Osgoode one.
  8. Rejected tonight. cGPA-3.5. B3-3.7 LSAT: 166
  9. Just to add, I’ve sort of assumed that the dress code tonight is business/casual. Does this seem right or would anybody say otherwise? I just don’t want to be underdressed.
  10. Just out of curiosity, what types of “good social experiences” might a commuter miss out on? I am planning on commuting from the west end of Toronto (my parents live in Toronto and so it does not make sense for me to pay to live in Osgoode Chambers). Of course I’m still a 0L, but it seems unlikely to me that my social networking ability will be greatly diminished simply because I am a commuter.
  11. Any updates on whether there has been a Facebook page created for accepted students? I tried searching the class of 2022 on Facebook but have not been successful thus far.
  12. Accepted via email this morning! I honestly am surprised but absolutely ecstatic. cGPA: 3.5 LSAT: 144, 149, 166 Strong reference letters and PS in my opinion, as well as good EC's. Filled out Part B. Don't let anyone tell you Osgoode isn't holistic! I look forward to meeting all of you.
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