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  1. Response deadline means the offer will expire if you do not respond to it with a provisional or firm acceptance. If you have already provisionally accepted the offer, yes, you don't have to worry about the deadline and can just wait until July 3rd. On OLSAS it will just say "Offer expired on June 17th" next to "provisionally accepted".
  2. I sent the school an email last week saying this almost word for word, but they didn't really say anything besides "just keep checking". Should I try again?
  3. I got an acceptance around the end of April, and due to "technical issues", I received the official offer letter on May 8th. I wanted to accept the offer immediately, but nothing was appearing on OLSAS. I contacted the school and they said they've "already uploaded the offer to OLSAS and it should appear shortly" as of May 17th. The offer expires on Wednesday. Should I just keep waiting and checking, or should I contact someone else (eg. OSLAS)? I don't mind waiting, but I also don't want to be frantically trying to get in contact with people at the very last minute if it is still not updated by the deadline. Is it still too early to be worried about this?
  4. Just got accepted into the JD/MSW program as well!!
  5. Can't speak for any other schools but I got into Windsor coming from a similar position. I am also from U of T and had low stats first 2 years, upward trend over time, 162 LSAT, did a lot of community work and had good references. If your PS is solid as well, I would think you have a good shot. There is also space in the PS to explain the family issues that prevented you from reaching your full academic potential. Also, for Windsor you need one non-academic reference, ex. someone from your volunteering or internships.
  6. I believe the deposit is due by June 1st but I have the same question about how to pay it
  7. No choice in first year. List of required courses: http://www.uwindsor.ca/law/239/juris-doctor-jd
  8. Rejected a couple hours ago, also applied for the JD/MSW program, also not surprised. It's actually kind of a relief because it makes my future decisions way easier hahaha. cGPA 3.33 L2/B3 3.55 LSAT 162
  9. I wasn't able to open my admission letter at first either, but it turned out that Chrome was just blocking the popup - check your browser settings. Also, OLSAS took about 2 weeks to update for me so I would definitely check other places first.
  10. Not sure about other schools but I got in at Windsor with L2 3.5/162 LSAT, good references and less impressive ECs than you (in my opinion), so if you write a good PS you definitely have a shot there.
  11. I've only got one email so far for the March 27 meet and greet...? I may have unsubscribed/opted out of communications somehow but then I'm not sure why I would have gotten the one I did.
  12. My offer from Windsor expires April 1st and yes the expiry date will show up on OLSAS once it's updated. I would call and ask
  13. I studied for the LSAT while in full-time summer school and I found Khan Academy really useful because it creates a schedule for you based on what your score goals are and how you did/are doing on the diagnostic and practice questions. You can also pick which days you want to practice on and it will adjust the schedule accordingly. The downside is that after a while of studying the questions begin to get recycled, but I also used prep books from the library just for the practice questions so it stayed pretty accurate.
  14. Reading this in someone else's words I feel a bit silly! Thanks.
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