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  1. I believe the deposit is due by June 1st but I have the same question about how to pay it
  2. No choice in first year. List of required courses: http://www.uwindsor.ca/law/239/juris-doctor-jd
  3. Rejected a couple hours ago, also applied for the JD/MSW program, also not surprised. It's actually kind of a relief because it makes my future decisions way easier hahaha. cGPA 3.33 L2/B3 3.55 LSAT 162
  4. I wasn't able to open my admission letter at first either, but it turned out that Chrome was just blocking the popup - check your browser settings. Also, OLSAS took about 2 weeks to update for me so I would definitely check other places first.
  5. Not sure about other schools but I got in at Windsor with L2 3.5/162 LSAT, good references and less impressive ECs than you (in my opinion), so if you write a good PS you definitely have a shot there.
  6. I've only got one email so far for the March 27 meet and greet...? I may have unsubscribed/opted out of communications somehow but then I'm not sure why I would have gotten the one I did.
  7. My offer from Windsor expires April 1st and yes the expiry date will show up on OLSAS once it's updated. I would call and ask
  8. I studied for the LSAT while in full-time summer school and I found Khan Academy really useful because it creates a schedule for you based on what your score goals are and how you did/are doing on the diagnostic and practice questions. You can also pick which days you want to practice on and it will adjust the schedule accordingly. The downside is that after a while of studying the questions begin to get recycled, but I also used prep books from the library just for the practice questions so it stayed pretty accurate.
  9. Reading this in someone else's words I feel a bit silly! Thanks.
  10. My profile on student.uwindsor only lists "1 active application" (regular JD), but I applied to both regular and combined MSW/JD. I have tried contacting them once about a month ago and once last week but I haven't heard anything back -- although I did get two automated emails from grad.admit "confirming receipt of application" within 5 minutes of each other, which might suggest something? I'm not sure if everyone got two. I'm not so much worried about waiting to hear back, but it's been about a month since they supposedly received my application package (I know the registrar signed for it, but not sure about anything past that since I can't track my application!) and like a lot of people on this forum it's the uncertainty that's stressing me out. It would make sense if there's just a delay with putting stuff up online since it's a hard-copy application and there's a similar delay with updates on OLSAS, but I was wondering if anyone else has applied to the MSW/JD program and, if so, is your application listed on student.uwindsor.ca? Alternatively, does anyone have any advice about what I should do? Or should I just continue to wait it out? Thanks.
  11. Haven't seen anything on OLSAS yet either!
  12. Did anyone else receive two emails from gradadmit the other day? I applied to a combined program as well as the regular JD program (my other application has not showed up online yet), so I'm wondering if the second email is about my other application.
  13. From the OLSAS website: "English program, first-year applicants who complete courses in December 2018 are required to send their fall 2018 grades to OLSAS by February 1, 2019."
  14. Accepted! cGPA 3.35 B2/L2 3.5 LSAT 162
  15. Log in -> Academics -> Applications, click on the application pending review, and it will show you a list of documents needed and received
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