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  1. Is it not (way) too early to apply for the winter session of 2019?! (I doubt anyone would have applied this early) Have you already applied?
  2. Interesting that you ask - there aren't too many foreign trained lawyers working in Indian law firms or in in-house roles. Primarily due to (a) no supply of such lawyers, and (b) the dynamic nature of the legal practice in India (it is very India specific). If you don't mind me asking, are you a person of Indian origin and are you aware of the Indian legal system in general? If so, I think it would be a lot easier - I haven't yet seen any foreign nationals (lawyers) working for Indian law firms or companies. Also, you will need to pass the (recently introduced) Bar Council of India exam for foreign trained lawyers - ive heard its super easy to pass. This will make you legally qualified to practice law in India.
  3. yes! I will be an immigrant if all goes well. An immigrant with a limited work permit if come on student visa. And an immigrant with a PR if things go really well.
  4. Thanks. The articling requirement is something I had missed. Wishful thinking perhaps. Im really hoping (having already worked for 5 years in a top tier Indian law firm) that this requirement is waived for me - more wishful thinking!
  5. I think as far as NCA prep is concerned, the LLM in Canadian common law is great since it covers most of the NCA exam topics (but you will end up studying many more courses that arent really necessary). Other option is the NCA online prep course (which sounds great) but is quite pricey at ~12,000 CAD. Either way int. lawyers are still required to pass the NCA exams to be called to the bar....
  6. sure - i did not mention the NCA process, but yeah I am well aware of the process. I am looking to do the LLM + give the NCA exams (typically for Indian students its 5-6 exams I understand). So I am aiming to pass the NCA exams, get admitted to the Bar and also have the LLM. Any thoughts about opportunities for qualified lawyers in general? Are law firms / companies actively hiring from campus?
  7. Hey guys - Im an Indian corporate/M&A lawyer (with 5 years PQE) planning to do an LLM from Osgoode and am doing it basically to live in Canada in the future and start a new life! The most important thing for me therefore is to be employed after the LLM and pay off my student loans. So it would be great to know about employment opportunities post the LLM / kind of employers / % of class getting placed in jobs, etc (basically all the usual / boring stuff)... Will highly appreciate your thoughts!
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