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  1. Hypothetically, if someone were to have very solid legal application and substance in their answers but poor formatting/writing skills with multiple (5-10) spelling errors throughout, do you think it's still possible for them to come out with a decent grade? I know that this likely varies a lot depending on the professor/course.
  2. I wasn't thrilled about law school being online but I'm actually finding it quite a bit worse than I anticipated. I also thought at the start of the year that there was about a 99% chance we would be back in class for September 2021 but I've heard thats still pretty up in the air. I am also not saying that we should be - public health and safety obviously comes first. I know how lucky I am to even be in law school at all and have this opportunity but I cant help but be kinda bummed. Everything just feels off. In undergrad I used to love talking to my profs and classmates after class/before class, studying with a group on campus, going for drinks after a lecture etc. It almost feels apocalyptic having job fairs, lectures, office hours, study sessions, club meetings, social events etc all happening through my screen without me having to move. I have been making sure to maintain a healthy daily routine with exercise, good food and sleep but the lack of human interaction still makes me feel like we're in some weird Margaret Atwood novel. Anyways, I hope you are all doing well and have some time to relax over the holidays. Sorry for the unproductive rant!
  3. Thanks pal! Was just curious about the relative prospects for that end of the distribution-not out of concern for my future situation, but I appreciate the insight.
  4. Hello all, 0L here. I often hear about how significant grades are in law school for the OCI recruits, securing articles etc and I am just wondering what happens to the bottom 5-10% of each graduating law class? are they often still able to secure articling? I see that the success rate for securing articling positions as posted by certain Canadian schools is in the high 90's but are these statistics skewed in any way? Thank you in advance for any information.
  5. Hello all, I am technically entering my fourth year but due to taking a semester off for personal reasons I am classified as a third year because of a lack of credits. Unfortunately I will not be able to graduate in April, but will most likely graduate in August. I am wondering if I could receive some insight regarding my chances at UBC, UVIC, Queens, Dalhousie and Osgoode. For the purpose of UBC and UVIC, my CGPA is 90%.
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