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  1. Accepted Monday cGPA: 2.9 L2:3.58 I think LSAT:166 (3 writes) I think good ECs and good everything else.
  2. Hi guys, Leanne picked up my call today! Unfortunately I'm 19 on the wait list, but that doesn't mean hope is lost for a few of you. I probably won't get in, but she says she expects 1-3 people to drop their seats, so let's hope she's right ! Top 3 people in the waitlist are probably most hopeful
  3. Hey, what were your GPA and lsat like?
  4. I've been calling everyday several times a day for a month but no response. You guys know if her number is the only way to contact her?
  5. Do you mind me asking what your GPA and LSAT was like?
  6. That gives me a pretty good idea, i will assume that im lower on the list than you. ive been calling and emailing, but no replies.
  7. I have been calling every single day, even emailed two different email accounts, but still nothing. so idk what to do my marks and lsat were 3.5something for L2 and 155 for LSAT.
  8. Hi, at the start of JUNE, i was around 50 on the waitlist, does anyone have any idea what i would be now? almost 2.5 months later? does anyone have any kind of benchmark they can provide me with? thank you so much
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