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  1. Has anyone currently in 1L heard back from firms about interviews? I applied to several ( both Edmonton and Calgary) , but have not heard anything back at all either way. Any tips from 2Ls on OCI and in-firm interviews too?
  2. Finally, heard back from UBC after months of silence and am waitlisted. GPA with drops: 88.30 LSAT: 155 highest Some very unique ECs and work experience, but not sure how much that counts for Regular category.
  3. I have an 87- 88.5 % GPA ( depending on drops and conversion). LSAT was a disappointing 155. I do have unique/stand out work experience across 3 summers, as well as special ECs. I have not heard back at all, no rejection, waitlist, or acceptance. Already accepted to another western Canadian law school, but wondering when UBC will get back to me one way or another. Does anyone have any insights into what the admissions process is like rn?
  4. Does anyone know when I would hear back about my status from UBC, wether it be offer, waitlist or rejection? I have an 87% GPA and a 155 LSAT I've been accepted to another law school, but UBC is a top choice if I get in.
  5. Accepted yesterday with ~3.9 ( not sure how many courses they counted back) and a 155 LSAT average.
  6. Does anyone think I'll be able to get in this year ( first round) with ~L2 of 3.9 and LSAT average of 155? Past years forums have indicated people with these stats were accepted long ago by now. Getting more worried by the day because U of A is the only law school I think I have a decent shot at ( if any shot at all)
  7. Does anyone think admissions offers will be sent out this week or is everyone on hold until past Friday, when Jan 2019 scores are released?
  8. Has anyone who is still in school recieved an accpetance yet? I'm a current University of Alberta Student, fall term grades have been availble for 2 weeks now, and not sure if the Faculty of Law has received it yet. Im wondering if anyone in 3rd or 4th year undergrad has been accepted this month ( i.e. last two weeks or so).
  9. I've heard in the past that people have gotten in before submitting the PS. I have 155 LSAT average and 3.93 L2, but am still working on PS. Someone with similar stats got in today.
  10. @stqust, its not confirmed, I calculated it based on an excel spreadsheet average. For reference I'm a current undergrad student at U of A, I don't think there should be any discrepancy.
  11. Now that everyone's fall term grades are in (i know some applicants might be writing the Jan 26th LSAT), what will the application/acceptance timeframe look like as we head into mid-January? My L2 including fall term is 3.93, my LSAT average is 155.
  12. Does anyone know how many applicants submit to the U of A? And if so, how many get an offer?
  13. I consider UBC law to be a reach school for me. I have an 88% cGPA with drops, but I struggled with LSAT a lot, my best score is a 155. Has anyone ever gotten in with these kinds of stats or been waitlisted even? Would they even bother to look at my personal statement?
  14. Does anyone know if a 3.94 GPA stays as is or is rounded down to a 3.9 when using the admissions index formula?
  15. @Waterfall2021 , what were your stats ( L2 GPA and LSAT) last year if you don't mind sharing?
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