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  1. @Waterfall2021 , what were your stats ( L2 GPA and LSAT) last year if you don't mind sharing?
  2. Going into my last year of undergrad. I have a L2 3.94 GPA , 3.93 CGPA. I have three summers worth of full-time work experience in busy jobs at high profile companies. Working there ( overtime a lot, sometimes 7 days a week until midnight) did not allow me much time at all to prep for LSAT the last two years. I took the July LSAT and scored a disappointing 153. I'm booked to re-write the exam in November. Now, what would happen if I scored low in November again? Would I have a shot at admission during UAlberta Law's holistic review process? Will my work experience, GPA, and my volunteer work, all of which I will highlight heavily in my personal statement give me a serious chance during the holistic review?