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  1. Law schools like upward GPA trends. If you improve your gpa and do well on the LSATs, you should be fine. Worst case, I've heard of Windsor taking kids with low GPAs but good LSATs. And I don't know what your situation was, but you could explain the lower early grades, or even just say something about the recent grades being a better indicator of your ability.
  2. I emailed Ivey about doing the dual but starting law school before business school. They said no bc they can't restructure the program.
  3. LSAT: 175 CGPA: 3.5 (strong upward trend) Weak softs, decent PS Likely going to Western
  4. Accepted like a week ago (access)... gonna exclude my fall grades bc offer was made before western got them cGPA: 3.42 (strong upward trend) L2: ~3.75 LSAT: 167, 175 Unimpressive work experience, weak softs, (imo) strong personal statement
  5. I'm in the same boat as you. Good stats, but didn't think the verifiers were super important, so I left one of mine incomplete. Western emailed me about this, so I'm panicking to update my app. Knowing I am not the only one makes me feel like less of an idiot...
  6. I created a new account for this post. But thanks, was a little too personal before the edit.
  7. Entering my 5th year of school (in Ontario). Looking to apply to U of T, Western, Queens and Osgoode LSAT: 167 + 175 GPA... (Credits) 1: 3.0 (3) 2: 2.7 (3) 3: 3.65 (5) 4: 3.86 (5) Current cGPA: 3.42 So I'm definitely disclosing my medical issues, and have already discussed documentation with my doctor. To give you guys an idea: Year 1 + 2: Should not have been in school. Almost died. Mental health issues, rare life threatening disease, major surgery, heavy corticosteroids Summer between year 3/4: Diagnosed w/ ADHD and medicated for year 4 Getting documentation from my doctors has already been discussed over the past 2 years, but I am having trouble fitting all my shit into U of T's 5000 character max. I want to communicate the struggles I went through, especially years 1+2. But I don't want the schools to think I am a ticking time bomb and I am going drop dead year 1 if I get enrolled. I'm 100% cured, the ADHD is the only remaining issue and I'm now medicated. I also want to communicate how I believe my LSAT and 4th year grades are the truest indicator of my abilities. If anyone could help me with any of the following questions, that'd be super appreciated: 1. How can I fit everything I need into U of T's 5000 character count? 2. Is there a chance U of T would accommodate a longer essay? I know the Personal statement is longer, but all the advise on PS says to be positive about yourself, save the challenges/difficulties for the extra essay 2. Should I apply as "Access" for Queens and Western? (no option for U of T or Osgoode) I've heard people advice against it 3. Am I fucked for scholarships? I'm really pissed about my cGPA. I know U of T focuses on best 3, Q/W last 2, Osgoode who knows... but they all factor cGPA in 4.Is it reasonable to ask schools to forget my first two years? (obviously I'd word that a little better) 5. I have weak softs. At school: have worked part time at the school, and played intramural sports 2-3 times a week. Summer jobs: Nothing law or business, and no volunteering Would it be assumed it would be difficult for me to be involved while I was sick?
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