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  1. My understanding was that OLSAS is the last step schools take when sending out admissions. I was confused because how could something that is left as the final confirmation be accidental? Unless, it's automated from the initial offer they send through the school's website. I think I'll let it take some time in case it's lagging behind or something, and then call if nothing changes in a day or two.
  2. So I'm going to post here in the general discussion now because I'm honestly so confused. Basically last week on my Windsor law account, my status changed from "Pending" to "Admitted." However, I got no email, or offer on OLSAS. After the weekend I called the school and they informed me that my status was actually supposed to be changed to "Referred to Admissions Committee" and that basically the "admitted" status change was a mistake. Then a couple hours later my status changed to referred. The problem is, I checked OLSAS this morning and obviously there was no offer. But I just logged on to OLSAS again (in the evening) and it shows that I got an offer from Windsor, but my Windsor website account still shows "Referred to Admissions Committee." Isn't the OLSAS offer supposed to be the final confirmation? side note: lol if I accept the OLSAS offer, would they have to accept me?
  3. I submitted late Oct and wrote the Nov LSAT. And my status was changed from pending on Thursday. It's now Referred - Admissions Committee.
  4. I just checked again and NOW it says referred - admissions committee. So I guess I can't do that anymore lol. But there's still a link that says "view decision letter" and then when I click it, it says "letters are generated 24 hours after admission. Please check tomorrow." Windsor is killing me here
  5. So update...I called the school and turns out my status is supposed to say Referred to Committee rather than Admitted. lol way to crash my hopes, Windsor
  6. Thanks! I'll definitely try that! Lol I need to make sure it's actually final and not a glitch or something
  7. Hey so my uWindsor says Status: Admitted... and besides it it says to view admission letter, but I can't click it. And nothing shows up on Olsas and I didn't get an email. Should I wait for one of these before it's confirmed? Is it a glitch or something?
  8. But they made us register for the event and told us to bring our ticket with us... meaning they'll be scanning the tickets with our name and stuff on it. But i hope you're right that it won't matter. lol would suck if I ended up lowering any chance of admission just because I could't go to their open house.
  9. This might be a dumb question, but based on the thought that they're trying to see which students prefer Windsor over other schools; will our decision to go affect our chances of an admission? Meaning, does the admission committee see who attended?
  10. That makes total sense. Thanks you guys!
  11. If we're applying access category and providing the schools with a reason for why the cGPA was low, do you guys think it's smart to submit high school transcripts (A average) as an indicator that we're not dumb students, there was a legitimate reason for the low undergraduate marks? I know they don't care for high school, but if we just wanted to show them that we're capable of excelling academically. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Okay yeah that makes sense. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it
  13. My situation is actually is a bit similar in terms of going through something my family was forcing on me. And since I'm still a bit confused, I might as well see what your opinions are on this. What if I can get a doctor's note? My general physician knows I've been dealing with stress and anxiety for a couple years. Do you think that the doctor's note would be enough for proof for a situation like that?
  14. I didn't know they just push it into the general category...that's relieving to hear. Thanks for your help!
  15. If you don't mind, do you think I can pm you and ask a specific question regarding this? I don't really want to put it on here even though it's anonymous.
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