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  1. Do most people take courses in English or French?
  2. Just got the call. 3.99/160+162. I will probably be declining. Good luck to those waiting!
  3. 3.99 / 160/162. Accepted. Will be declining.
  4. Accepted. 3.99 and 160/162. Will be declining. Good luck to those still waiting!
  5. Strange. I was offered a scholarship in my email which wasn’t mentioned on Minerva. I guess people should read everything they receive from McGill carefully.
  6. Accepted Dec 18. 3.99GPA and 160/162. Bilingual. No french interview. I will probably accept this offer. Good luck to those still waiting!
  7. Mine appeared about a month after I applied. You should call them if you don’t see yours on Minerva by now.
  8. Yeah, I’m thinking this is fake news.
  9. My gut tells me that you wouldn’t need to declare anything. My impression is that you just moderated a panel with her, and ergo you aren’t her friend, associate, student, client, etc. I wouldn’t think too much of this, unless you’re closer with her than I am led to believe.
  10. I would definitively call Osgoode. They are the ones reading your file.
  11. As long as I am not missing any important invitations or updates I don’t care about accessing my Osgoode email. But I am from Toronto so I want to attend their events even though I plan to reject their offer. But who knows, maybe I will change my mind and end up wanting to go to Osgoode?
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