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  1. JamesLBona

    Any French Interviews yet?

    Yeah, I’m thinking this is fake news.
  2. JamesLBona

    Any French Interviews yet?

    My gut tells me that you wouldn’t need to declare anything. My impression is that you just moderated a panel with her, and ergo you aren’t her friend, associate, student, client, etc. I wouldn’t think too much of this, unless you’re closer with her than I am led to believe.
  3. JamesLBona

    Issues with OLSAS

    I would definitively call Osgoode. They are the ones reading your file.
  4. JamesLBona

    Accepted Fall 2019

    Did you get an offer?
  5. JamesLBona

    Osgoode email

  6. JamesLBona

    Osgoode email

    As long as I am not missing any important invitations or updates I don’t care about accessing my Osgoode email. But I am from Toronto so I want to attend their events even though I plan to reject their offer. But who knows, maybe I will change my mind and end up wanting to go to Osgoode?
  7. JamesLBona

    Accepted to Western 2019

    I just checked and saw the green check mark. 3.99/162. Will almost certainly be declining.
  8. JamesLBona

    Osgoode email

    They said that they will send information about events and important updates to our Osgoode emails. I want to set mine up to forward to my personal email so that I do not miss those updates. I will not directly use my Osgoode email because I do not plan to accept their offer, but I still want to attend their events to meet people.
  9. For those that called to ask for statuses: did anyone find out when offers will be sent? I don’t want to call back.
  10. JamesLBona

    Accepted to Ottawa 2019

    Accepted. 160/162 and 3.99. Will be declining.
  11. I also called. They will be sending an offer in the next week or so. 89% and 162. Applied in September as soon as the application opened.
  12. JamesLBona

    Ready for Review

    Ok cool. Hopefully I will hear back soon. So far I have only heard from Osgoode.
  13. JamesLBona

    Ready for Review

    What were your friend's stats?
  14. JamesLBona

    Ready for Review

    Does Minerva status remain "ready for review" until an acceptance or rejection is sent, or does it switch to "under evaluation," "in queue" or something like that before?