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  1. Hey guys, I was unable to get a parking permit in the raffle and I was wondering if there are any other alternatives (other than bussing which is another option I am leaning towards) that may be easier? Are there any places around U of S that are 2 hour free parking?
  2. PROS: 1. The weather in Kamloops is great and the view of the mountains is unreal 2. The campus itself is very beautiful 3. Collegial Environment - the amount of support we receive from one another is amazing. The upper years are willing to pass down their CANS and help with anything you need. Everyone ends up knowing one another and by the end of first semester, you're practically homies with the majority of students in the Faculty of Law. Its always nice to be in a positive environment where students are so uplifting - you never feel alone. 4. Variety of student clubs/sports on campus 5. Amazing professors. Professors at TRU are extremely educated (some have degrees from Harvard, JD's and PhD's from UBC, Dalhousie, U of T etc ..) and are always available to help you during office hours. Profs at TRU genuinely want to see you succeed and will make time for you even when they don't have office hours on the day that you're available. 6. There is a Starbucks in the law building - when we have a 3 hour class and get a 15 minute break, it's always nice to refuel and grab some coffee in the same building and make it just in time for class to start again. 7. Great small town vibe - Coming from a big city, I never thought I would have loved kamloops as much as i did. Although there is practically one of everything (one Walmart, one Superstore + the Independent etc ..), I found myself enjoying the vibe, and the community is just so wonderful - not just the TRU community, the Kamloops community in general is amazing. 8. Hiking/Nature: If you like hiking, or nature in general, Kamloops is great for that. One of the many places I have hiked at during my time in Kamloops is Battle Bluffs, dewdrop trail, and myra canon. 9. Downtown parking is inexpensive in comparison to other cities. 10. Cafes - If you're someone who likes to study at cafes, Kamloops has great ones, such as The Art We Are. 11. Everything is close in proximity. Superstore, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Movie Theatre, Walmart, TRU, Staples, Aberdeen Mall, gyms/fitness facilities are so close to one another that I only needed to fill my gas tank once every month There are many pros to studying in Kamloops at TRU. Moving from a large city to Kamloops (in my personal experience) wasn't a hard transition. You meet many students on orientation day, and throughout the semester, and we have fun together, and struggle together. We have "help not hurt" midterms where they will be worth 0% if you get higher on your final exam than your midterm. Overall, there are many pros of attending TRU and i'm glad I made the decision. Although the 3rd floor printers can get jammed up from time to time and you occasionally hear students screaming while playing foosball and pingpong in the students lounge ... It's one of the things that makes TRU so great! CONS: 1. Tuition is around $20k (costly in comparison to other law schools) 2. It's hard to find a nice place to live close to school that won't break the bank 3. PARKING IS A NIGHTMARE (unless you have a premium pass that costs $275 ish per semester, but in high demand) 4. Not many restaurants (and the nightlife scene isn't great compared to Vancouver, Calgary etc ..) 5. The malls in Kamloops have limited options for those who like to shop and go to rather popular stores you would find in places like Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Halifax, Saskatchewan etc ... 6. It's hard to find cabs (and cabs are also expensive to take if your destination is 15 minutes away etc ..) 7. Your luck at the airport is a hit or miss. Flights leaving Kamloops, at least in my experience, get delayed or cancelled frequently due to there being a problem with the aircraft and not having another airplane to use while the other is getting fixed. This happened to me and my partner at least 3 times. 8. Did i mention parking is a nightmare? Might as well mention it again
  3. She apparently said there was a cut off a few months ago (i.e 25 students) but there were still others after the "cut off" in case the waitlist moved through 25 people. Currently I'm in the 30's. Like I said, no chance for me here, but I hope you guys have a chance. I think its best to stop calling her at this point so she can get more work done and send out offers as they open up. Like pyrrha said above, she seems tremendously busy with her workload considering she deals with more than just admissions. From our conversation yesterday, I believe the top 5 being lucky to get in are iffy, but there is a extremely high chance that the top 2 (maybe 3) on the list will get their acceptances. Remember, acceptances also go out during the first week of classes. One of my buddies paid his deposit at UNB and got off the waitlist at Western and made the switch, despite paying his deposit at UNB. Keep your heads up people!
  4. My LSAT was a 151. It was my first cycle and keeping myself on the waitlist wouldn't really do anything for me, as I am more interested in attending a school in Ontario. I had just applied for TRU for the sake of it, but I'm re-writing my LSAT in December hopefully and re-applying next year. The process is frustrating, but there are some admissions officers who don't tell (aren't authorized) waitlist rankings to students (from what i've heard, don't know the accuracy of it) and students are left in the dark until September. The thought of that freaks me out ahaha. Nonetheless, things on the waitlist seem to be steady since Wednesday as Leanne mentioned today, although mistakes occur here and there, considering Leanne mentioned she was sick for a few days, it seems plausible that there may have been some confusion when people called her (perhaps the bc smoke from the wildfires got to her😀). She did say offers will go out in the next few days again so good luck to those of you in the runnings
  5. have no idea, sorry I'm guessing i was high 60's or 70's
  6. No problemo, i've been monitoring the waitlist forums Windsor for a long time now (MY EYES HAVE BEEN GLUED TO MY SCREEN!), not so much TRU, as I live in Ontario and prefer Windsor over any other school right now. I don't know much about the Leanne situation but from the looks of it, she is the main admission person and the process can be overwhelming for her, which may explain the double ranking being given (two people #2? if I read correctly). Things changed on Wednesday but not after that from the looks of it. Fingers crossed for this week. I removed myself from the list though
  7. Hi Folks, long time lurker, I applied to Windsor, uSask and TRU and called Leanne today asking what my waitlist number is. She mentioned my chances are very slim but there have been changes with the waitlist on Wednesday in terms of statistics and reshuffling, as they are quite a holistic school and she said a few more people have high chances of acceptance this week and next! I am unfortunately not in that range (3.3 last 60, horrible LSAT), but she also mentioned to me today that there will be a few more acceptances that go out within the next few days as she went through emails today. I'll be applying again next cycle, but good luck to the rest of you all
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