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  1. People really underestimate how expensive it is to live in Victoria. For reference, rental prices here are now creeping up to Vancouver levels. Not a cheap place to live.
  2. Hi guys, sorry I know is a bit irrelevant, but to those who have been accepted, did you guys email back Vicky or the admissions email with a 'thank you' message after you got your acceptance? Is that common courtesy or just unnecessary? Thanks!
  3. Nice! Hopefully see you there this fall. Congrats!
  4. Hey sorry I just saw this after PM'ing you! Thank you very much
  5. Just firmly accepted to Osgoode! Thank you. My OLSAS page now says it will take one business day before it gets finalized.
  6. Also, I forgot to add that I am still waiting on a school in BC. But the Ontario school I got into was my top choice for Ontario.
  7. So I got into my top choice yesterday. Haven't heard from the other 5 Ontario schools I applied to. Since I know I won't attend the others, it would make sense for me to firmly accept? This way I feel as if I'm doing my due diligence and freeing up a spot for others.
  8. I'm also a discretionary applicant and have been at decision pending for a while now. I hope they decide on us peeps sooner than later!
  9. My mental health has been decimated. I can no longer hide this fact.
  10. Regular or discretionary applicant?
  11. Does everyone in this thread status say 'we have sufficient documents to begin an evaluation of your file'?
  12. Rejected last week. I am surprised because I thought I fit the Windsor profile i.e. volunteering/working with marginalized populations during undergrad and working at a non-profit post grad. Also, I was waitlisted by Windsor in 2019 with a 7 point lower lsat than my current score.
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