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  1. Got a call for an interview with MOF today, was surprised since the deadline to apply was a month ago!
  2. Curious how having a course that was graded pass/fail will affect this? One of my courses was p/f this year and all my other ones were graded, how am I supposed to avoid negative inferences when I didn't have the choice how the class was graded? Lol
  3. Hey friends! I work for an organization that is working on trying to get high school and undergraduate students interested in law. As part of this, we want to put together short summaries of Canadian (or british) case law and legal concepts that are either funny, interesting, or unique and relevant to people's lives (ex. Right now we obviously have Dudley and Stephens, Donoghue v Stevenson, and mustapha v culligan as ones that are clear to either get attention or a bit of a laugh). I'd love to hear your recommendations for cases you'd add to this list!!! Thanks and cheers!
  4. I feel the same way. 6 interviews, 2 second rounders that went excellent (or so I thought). I honestly thought I would get offers from both and have to choose...should have remained without expectations
  5. Is it safe to assume if you didn't receive a second interview from firms that were doing them that you won't get an offer? My friend received a PFO from a firm after her 1st interview, but I did not, however I also didn't receive a second interview so I am just wondering about chances.
  6. Literally pacing around the kitchen right now in anticipation of 5pm lol. These hours are not fun
  7. Does anyone know what MAG second round interviews are like? Are they as substantive as the 1st one or are they more getting to know you?
  8. Can someone confirm how long the interviews with Stevenson Whelton are?
  9. Lmao me too. I received the Goodmans LLP award and sent a thank you card to the contacts (our financial office requests we do this) and one of them ended up adding me on LinkedIn and thanking me for the card. They ended up being the recruitment contacts for this year so I thought I would get an interview for sure and nope, PFO last night 😩
  10. I got called from the Crown Law Office - Civil and Treasury Board Secretariat
  11. At risk of being overly optimistic, what do we do if we get more than 8 offers on Friday? The LSO recommends doing 6-8 interviews total, I have 4 ITCs and am not sure if I should expect any extra calls tomorrow, can you call back and cancel? Or does that look bad? So nervous lol
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