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  1. Any updates? I heard from Stikeman so far.
  2. Accepted L2: 3.93 (unconfirmed) 163
  3. Accepted this morning! L2: 3.93 (unconfirmed) 162.5 average
  4. First acceptance on Friday the 25th! cGPA: 3.46 L2: 3.89 163
  5. Hi Malina, How long does it take for a transcript to be updated on the portal? I sent an initial transcript in October and an updated one with my Fall grades about a month ago. But, the portal says nothing has been received yet. Just wondering if mine got lost ... Thanks!
  6. Where did you see/hear about this? UofC has a FAQ for GPA calculations: https://law.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/2/gpa-faq.pdf Specifically: Which grades will be used in the GPA? Your GPA will be based on the last 20 half courses of your undergraduate studies, up to December 31 of the year you submit your application.
  7. Hi Malina, Thanks for the update! Does this mean that applicants who currently have courses in progress will have their applications put on hold until the final transcripts are received?
  8. Hi, Does anybody know if we are supposed to send in official transcripts by December 1 or after an offer? I noticed an official transcript is not yet listed as a requirement on the self service center/application portal. Thanks!
  9. Do you mean it says "received" on your student portal? I sent mine in September and it still says they haven't been received yet.
  10. I sent my transcript over to OLSAS about a week ago and I know it takes time to process and upload. Should I wait for OLSAS to finish processing and update my transcript status or do I just submit my apps and OLSAS will update it after?
  11. Hi, I worked as a TA for one of my profs but I never took the actual course with him (it was with a different prof). Just wondering if this is considered an academic reference or a non-academic one. Thanks!
  12. I think my cGPA after drops will be 3.78/4.33 with a LSAT score of 165. Would appreciate any insights! Thanks
  13. It works now! Maybe applications just opened today.
  14. I'm applying this cycle for entry into Fall 2019. Anyone else having problems navigating their website? I click the big "Ready to Apply" button which takes me to a form that only asked for my personal information and which faculty I want to apply. Then there are only two buttons on the bottom of the page: reset and cancel. I click reset and it says "Your inquiry form has been submitted successfully" then nothing else happens. Has anyone successfully applied yet?
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