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  1. My OUzone account has been 'under evaluation' since I received my confirmation email September 27th.
  2. My OLSAS GPA was updated today and was lower than I was expecting at a 3.66 (I go to a percentage school and have a 83%) my last two is probably a bit higher. I took my LSAT twice and have a 159 as my highest score (153 the first time). I also have lots of volunteer experience with over 150 hours throughout my undergrad and was very involved working for my students’ union and being president of a club. I have already applied at Ottawa, Western, Queens and U of A. I am starting to second guess my chances, should I try apply at more schools that haven’t closed yet like U of C or Dal or am I over thinking it?
  3. Does anyone know how we can confirm our OLSAS calculated GPA? I go to a school which does not use a GPA system and wanted to confirm what it would be translated to before I get my hopes up. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know how U of A calculates GPA? I go to a school which only uses percentages as grades and am a little confused about how to convert it to the scale U of A uses. Thank you!
  5. I am currently completing my 4th year of my undergraduate degree and have applied for the 2020 cycle. I applied for Western, Queens, Ottawa, and Alberta. Currently I am taking 4 course this semester and 4 courses next semester however I am struggling with one of the classes I am taking this semester and am worried it will bring down my average since I know most schools consider your fall semester grades. Would it help or hurt me if I dropped the class and took 3 classes this semester to keep my GPA high and then take 5 classes next semester (which would result in lower grades for my winter semester)? Essentially, how important are your winter semester grades since acceptances usually come out prior to these classes being completed.
  6. Do you have to wait until the application for the 2020 cycle opens to create an OLSAS account? I am trying to make an account and it is saying " this application is now closed" and wont let me make an account.
  7. Follow up question: I went to create an OLSAS account and after filling out the information to create an account it says " This application is now closed." Does this mean I can't create an account until the applications open tomorrow?
  8. When a professor submits a LOR do they just submit to lsac or do they have to submit to OLSAS if applying for an Ontario school?
  9. I read on here that Queen’s does not look at summer courses and I wanted to know if that was true/ how that will affect me. I was originally doing a co-op program so I took a semesters worth (2.5 credits) of classes over the summer following my first year so I would graduate on time then ended up switching out of coop. This meant that my first year I took a full course load, one semester of second semester I look a full course load then half of second year, third and fourth were all reduced course loads since I was ahead in my classes. Will this negatively affect me?? Also, if it is true how will they calculate my average? Do they just not include my summer course grades?
  10. Does Western reuse the same Personal Statement part B scenario each year or will it change when the new application becomes available? I want to get a head start on working on it but if it changes each year there is no point.
  11. Does anyone know if there is a word/ character limit for University of Ottawa’s personal statement. I can’t find one anywhere.
  12. Hey, chances with a 159 LSAT, 3.81 cumulative GPA, 3.89 B2? During my undergrad I’ve also completed over 250 volunteer hours with about 125 of those volunteering at a court house. Was also the president and treasurer of a club and worked for the university’s students union.
  13. I’m writing my lsat in less than two weeks and my practice exams have been stuck around a 159. Does anyone know which law schools accept the lowest lsat scores or if any schools accept a 159? (Undergrad ~85%, lots of volunteering/ leadership positions, below average work experience)
  14. Does anyone have any predictions on what Ryerson's class of 2020 admissions will look like in terms of GPA and LSAT scores?
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