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  1. Thanks for your input guys! I kept the score as I think it's definitely a reasonable back up to have as Lawstudentdreamz said.
  2. Hi everyone! I took the July test and obviously have the option to cancel. I know my GPA and LSAT aren't overwhelmingly competitive, and I'm not banking on an acceptance this cycle (although still hopeful!) so I am wondering whether or not I should cancel my 158. This was my first take and I've been PTing between 160 and 164, and am fairly confident that I can crack 160 in September if all goes well when I rewrite. However, in the chance that I have a crappy test centre and get lower than a 158 and had cancelled this score, I'd be in an even tougher spot. After next spring, my L2/B2 will be 3.7+ if I continue on my current trend of straight As. My top schools in no particular order are: -Calgary -Western -Queens -TRU -UVic (3.6 with drops) Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm pretty sure you can still see your score, they wouldn't give you the one year time frame otherwise. Schools just won't consider your application complete without the writing portion (I think)
  4. I found that trying to highlight with the silly stylus that they gave us was a waste of time. I think I might've wasted a total of 3 minutes trying to highlight lol. Other than that, it was relatively straightforward and it was really nice to see a countdown clock in front of you.
  5. This could not be more true. I just did the July exam and even though I don't get test anxiety, I literally forgot all of the methods that I spent months working on and my brain retention was negative. I'm super happy I left enough time to do other exams for this admissions cycle though because it's so valuable just to feel the testing experience.
  6. There is no December exam! Only November and January.
  7. Any people accepted from deferred decision category?
  8. For the love of God, please do not go to SFU. There are so many disadvantages that I can name in terms of getting into law or other grad schools. Long story short, your GPA will get absolutely fucked. I won't get into it here but you can message me if you would like. I am in Beedie right now and if I wasn't so far along then I would without a doubt transfer elsewhere.
  9. I would assume they'd take your fifth year, fourth year, and third year.
  10. Western actually told me they have discretion on whether or not they will count the extra semester to make it more than 20. The woman I spoke with told me that in my case, they would likely not count the extra semester since I am close to 20 and that last semester would have a severe impact on my L2 GPA. If I had 18 courses then they would likely use an extra semester. Conversely, Calgary for sure will count the extra semester to reach 20 courses.
  11. Hey! When I messaged the advisors, they said they count summer courses in your L2. I'll give you an example of what they said would be counted in my L2 for clarification: Spring 2018: 3 courses Summer 2018: 2 courses Fall 2018: 4 courses Spring 2019: 4 courses Summer 2019: 2 courses Fall 2019: 4 courses So because I don't fall under the typical 5 course/semester student, they would count 6 semesters in total for my calculation. If, for example, I took 1 summer course instead of 2, or 3 courses in fall 2019 instead of 4, they told me that they would likely include fall 2017 in my L2 calculation as well.
  12. Calgary counts back 20 courses and if your 20th course lands in a 4-course semester, then they will count that whole semester. So that means they can count up to around ~24 courses in your L2. Western will also do something similar to this except they don't count back courses, they count back semesters. They told me that if I took 4 courses/semester they'd likely calculate back one more semester. Queen's does B2 GPA by "years," i.e., first year, second year, third year, or fourth year (if you're accepted after these grades become available). So they don't split up semesters in their calculation. Also, Queen's counts 4-course semesters as full-time fyi. These schools I'm 99% sure on so I hope this helps a bit!
  13. I know that you can go back and take courses after you've graduated and Calgary specifically will take these into account, but not many other schools will. I'd look into this as if you improved your L2 and maybe had another go around at the LSAT you'd stand a chance. My friend took the LSAT 6 times and, while that's not desirable, she was dedicated to getting into law school, and ended up at UBC. edit: i think this is called open studies or unclassified courses or something?
  14. I feel like you'd have a pretty competitive app if you hit 160+ on the Jan LSAT like you said!
  15. Hi all, I've decided to start slowly studying for the July LSAT. Any tips on studying during school? I am taking 4 classes and working on average 15-20 hours per week. I have ordered the Powerscore bibles, but was wondering if any of you have pacing tips? (When do you suggest I should finish reading the bibles, how many hours ish should I put in per week? How many PTs should I aim for per month?) My studying will pick up the pace in April after finals fyi. Anything is appreciated!
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