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  1. this might be the case! My Calgary fb group has 270ish people I think and the class size is only 130 lol, but the Queen's fb description reads that it's for those who have firm accepted and provisionally accepted, so who knows.
  2. I sent them an email about transcripts and asked if they are full or still sending offers. They replied that they are "currently still sending out offers."
  3. @Lawguy1 @jbang2366 and whoever else. BIG NEWS friends, they are not full and are still sending out offers. There is a glimmer of hope.
  4. Hey! its [email protected] - you'll see this in the transcripts tab on your olsas application. They got back to me right away when it was sent to this email.
  5. I just saw online that they said to email the transcripts to [email protected] which means that whoever responded to my email gave me the wrong one lol... which might be why it's taking so long. I feel so defeated holy shit.
  6. This is so unorganized It's so frustrating
  7. OLSAS told me to send it to [email protected] and my school confirmed they even sent it twice to that email, but OLSAS hasn't received it. They responded to my SAM and assumed I sent it by mail since I'm out of province and talked about it maybe being in the mail from that day... even though OUAC is now accepting e-transcripts from (I would assume) almost every school in Canada??? I was so confused.. It kind of made me worried that they weren't receiving it or checking for it 😕 hopefully they get it soon
  8. I electronically sent my transcript to OLSAS on May 4 and it still hasn't been processed - is anyone else in the same boat? I assume they're getting a massive influx of transcripts right now but I'm skeptical if they even got it at this point lol
  9. Personally I don't think so, I think there will be small batches after this. Just speculation though, who really knows
  10. These waiting periods with absolutely nothing to do are the absolute worst lol they go by sooooooooo slowly
  11. Your GPA for your last 2 years of school. Western bases some of its decision on how well you performed in your last 2 years (or 20 courses) of undergrad.
  12. it would be counting your best 2 full years (4+ classes), so likely your 3rd and 4th year (or whatever your best 2 full years of fall/winter grades are) and not your last half year. Your L2, on the other hand, would include your last 20 courses. Hope this helps!
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