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  1. I just got my September LSAT back and I'm pretty disappointed as I was PTing mid 160s. I've thought of retaking in January, but considering my workload with school and two jobs, I'm not sure I'll have the energy to give January my all. However, I'm well aware my stats aren't very competitive for this cycle either, and my L2 gpa will (likely) be much higher next cycle if I continue getting the same grades. I'm aiming for Western, Queen's and Calgary for this cycle. UVic and U of A are off the table because of my score. Should I retake in January and just give it a half ass effort (if there was no limit on LSAT takes, this wouldn't even be a question), or should I just put applications out there, hope for the best and if I don't get in then I have all the time in the world to study with my year off?
  2. UVic is mostly index-based, and looking at past threads the lowest they admit is around 889-890. Your index (3.19*125)+(92*5) = 858.75. You'd probably have to get your GPA up.
  3. Agreed with @lookingaround, most schools only take your highest attempt so I personally wouldn't cancel
  4. Check the official september LSAT threat on reddit! flowers game section on LG was real if you had more than one LG section
  5. Hi all! Currently working on my personal statement for various schools. Would anyone be willing to private message me and give me any input on the direction I've taken it in? Would greatly appreciate this!!
  6. U of T takes your best 3 years, so you might have a higher GPA for U of T than your cGPA! Good luck
  7. Pretty sure you'll be an auto admit, your cGPA is not low haha.
  8. my school also gives out letter grades, and our grading system is different from lots of schools in the sense that our threshold for certain grades is higher (e.g., 80% for a B+, 85% for A-, 90% for an A, 95% for an A+, unlike some schools where 80% is an A-). Because of this, we get the short end of all sticks since even if they see an A, they'll convert it back to the equivalent of 85% even though I might've received 94%. Honestly, I've talked to a lot of people and there's not much that can be done about it unfortunately, just the way she goes. Good luck!
  9. If you have documentation of this I believe you can apply access of some sort with Western
  10. I would wait for November. I don't think it will impact your applications much, and I definitely don't think it's worth the hassle to go out of province if you're writing the following month. Besides, you're only allowed 3 per year, 5 per every five years now, so I wouldn't rush two in two months.
  11. I just got a 158 and I'm well aware I'm not too competitive with a 158, but I'm keeping it for two reasons: 1. It takes pressure off for my next sitting knowing that I don't have a half bad score on my record. 2. Schools that I'm interested in only look at your highest score. I would suggest keeping it. What if something happens and you score lower (e.g., construction next door, loud voices in hallways, inconsiderate proctors)? That would stress me out.
  12. Reiterating what Astrowelkyn said above, take notes of key ideas and strategies (e.g., how to attack strengthen questions), but I wouldn't write everything down. Most of the strategies will be applied to practice questions throughout the chapter, so you should be able to grasp it. As for self-studying strategy, make sure you set aside time and stick to it. If you're self-studying, you need to be disciplined. I was studying this summer and got carried away by the fact of it being summer and spending time with my friends, and neglected to study during my allotted times. Consequently, I received a score lower than I hoped. I would start with logic games as it's easiest to improve on, and then move on to LR and RC while doing maybe 1 game per day or something to keep your brain sharp. It's a grind, but if you stick to a schedule it will be worth it.
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