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  1. I had similar stats except only once my final grades came out in May, at which point I was deferred and then put on the wait list. If you have these stats earlier on in the game your chances might increase. I did, however, get into two other schools! There’s definitely a chance but obviously those chances increase with a higher LSAT score. Good luck!
  2. I can answer this - clubs were quite competitive this year. Most clubs saw a record number of applicants this year and said it was super competitive. I do think this is because we weren't busy with in-person activities as Queen's had a self-isolation period until mid-late September and most apps were due by then. My suggestion is to apply to everything you're interested in if you want to get involved, I think on average you'll get maybe 1/4 positions you apply to. We apply for clinics in Feb I think so we won't know much more until that point, but I have heard that they're relatively competitive to get into. Check back in with us in March and we'll probably have a better idea hahaha.
  3. I'll chime in here since I'm currently procrastinating: I'd say the transition is less difficult, but maybe that's because we're online this year. Some courses are harder than others, but if you've established good study habits, then you'll be okay. Queen's does a good job of making you feel like you're a part of a community, so there are always resources to help you succeed. Upper years are more than willing to help, and you'll meet peers to study with. We also have a tutor program which pairs you with an upper year that did well the previous year, so that's also very helpful. I looked for housing quite late and there were a few options available. Depending on your living standards, it could be hard or easy to find a place. The biggest issue is finding a good landlord lol, a lot of them are quite scummy. The student experience has been as good as it can be. Kingston has been relatively good with keeping cases low, so I've been able to make a small group of friends that I hangout with regularly. It obviously isn't the classic QL experience, but everyone comes here wanting to make friends so it hasn't been difficult to find people to be around. All in all, I'm happy I came here and I've enjoyed my experience so far
  4. I think this is true - I tried to access the page too and I wasn't able to
  5. This is just an assumption, but I think if you're in the remote group you'll be using an interactive video platform so that the students can ask questions and interact with the prof. If you're in person, they said that they just use recording methods that are built into the lecture hall, so you can't ask questions or talk to the prof.
  6. Queen's claims to be somewhat holistic (not numbers only), so there's no auto-admit threshold. While numbers do matter, I also think your PS and ECs play a decent role in acceptances if your stats are lower (I don't think I would've gotten in without these). I honestly was kind of shocked by some of the stats that were rejected this year, but I guess it depends on your entire admissions application. The only schools where I've heard there are legit acceptance thresholds are U of A, UBC, and UVic, although I think UBC made a slight change to their admissions process this year. Edit: Judging by your post history, you won't have any issue getting an acceptance from Queen's and I could almost bet you'd be in the first round of acceptances.
  7. Just emailed and turned down my offer - good luck to the lucky person that gets my spot, seems like an amazing school and an even more amazing and friendly cohort!
  8. Hi all! I've been fortunate to receive acceptances to two great law schools: Calgary and Queen's. I've had my U of C offer since Feb and have been able to talk to some people and get to know them, but I've always kind of had Queen's as my top choice. I got waitlisted at Queen's this week and I kind of accepted the fact that I wasn't going to get an offer, but to my (extreme) surprise, I got one today! I am ridiculous stoked about this offer, but at the same time, logistically Calgary makes a lot of sense for me because it's closer to Vancouver (where I'd like to end up), but I'd also rather work in Toronto as a second choice over Calgary. I went to SFU for undergrad and while I had a decent overall experience, there was barely a sense of community since it was more of a commuter school, so going to a law school with a strong sense of community was extremely important for me, which is why I've been drawn to Queen's. Ideally, I'd like to go into corporate law but obviously I know that might change, and I know both schools are pretty well-versed in that. I don't know what to doooo! Pls help and give any advice.
  9. Just got accepted from the waitlist cGPA 3.4/B2 3.92/LSAT 159 leaning towards accepting since it was my first choice but i've been sitting on an offer from calgary for a while now so i don't know! have until july 24 to respond
  10. Also waitlisted just now cGPA 3.4 / B2 3.92 / LSAT 159 FYI the email was in my junk folder so make sure to check that
  11. I sent an email yesterday, I'll let you know if they reply!
  12. edit: just realized nevergiveup answered with the time above
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