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  1. What are my chances for an interview at one of the big firms for the 1L recruit? My 1st term marks are as follows: Contracts - A Torts - B Criminal - A School is Osgoode
  2. Is the first day of orientation, August 22nd, mandatory? I’m afraid I might be unable to make it...if anyone has any insight on this it would be much appreciated!
  3. Does anyone know when orientation starts?
  4. Accepted this morning via email CGPA 3.74 LSAT 160 Will be accepting. Good luck to everyone else 😭
  5. Accepted today! CGPA 3.7 L2 3.75 LSAT 160
  6. Hi everyone! As of now I have received my first acceptance which is a big relief as I now know I will be attending law school this upcoming fall for sure. With that said, I was wondering what are some important tips/things to keep in mind during first year? Whether they are academic or personal ones it would be nice to know some advice for making the transition. Thanks!
  7. Accepted December 7th!!!!!!!!! CGPA 3.7 L2: 3.75 LSAT: 160
  8. I am a bit confused...can anyone else confirm what was said above about B2/L2 calculation. I am mainly concerned with Western and Queens.
  9. I was wondering if L2/B2 schools like Western and Queens will take updated 2018 fall semester grades into consideration? I really hope so!
  10. After I submitted I noticed that I missed 3 apostrophes in my personal statement during the whole copy and paste process Freaking out....am I out for admissions or do I still have a chance? cgpa 3.7 l2 3.75 lsat 160
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