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  1. HopefulLawStudent1

    Status changed to Pending Review

    Mine changed to "Pending Review" as well, and I have already been accepted uOttawa and Osgoode so I should have at least passably acceptable stats as well. Not sure what's taking Windsor so long.
  2. HopefulLawStudent1

    Osgoode Email

    Thanks so much for the help! Looking forward to meeting you next year
  3. HopefulLawStudent1

    Osgoode Email

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone who has been accepted has received their Osgoode email account yet? If so, is there something we have to do to get access to it?
  4. HopefulLawStudent1

    FB Group.

    Thats what I meant. Sorry I should have worded that better.
  5. HopefulLawStudent1

    FB Group.

    Just wondering if anyone has been added to the facebook group yet
  6. HopefulLawStudent1

    Splitters admission is Canada?

    Do you already have the LSAT score of 170 or is this what you are planning to get?
  7. HopefulLawStudent1

    Osgoode Chambers

    Hello, I was wondering if you can lease an apartment in Osgoode Chambers for a term of 8 months? Or do they only do year long leases? I would only need the apartment from September to April.
  8. HopefulLawStudent1

    Osgoode or Ottawa

    I am fine with spending this amount as I would probably spend 30K at Ottawa however will going to Osgoode really benefit me that much more if I want to work in Toronto after?
  9. HopefulLawStudent1

    Osgoode or Ottawa

    Hi guys, I know there is already some threads on this topic but I would like to hear some thoughts specific to my situation. Ottawa has always been my number one choice since I started my undergrad at Carleton and I applied to Osgoode thinking I was never going to get in. Now I have to make the decision I never thought I would ever have to make. I love Ottawa has a city and I have a great place with cheap rent however I hope to article and end up working in Toronto eventually. Would going to Osgoode make it a lot easier to article and work in Toronto right after graduating? Additionally, my parents are paying for tuition so I have to pay for rent but I would want to live downtown Toronto and just take the subway to school everyday. Do you think the name of Osgoode is worth the 1000 dollar rent a month for 3 years? Thanks so much for your help
  10. HopefulLawStudent1

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Accepted this morning! CGPA: 3.73 LSAT: 154
  11. HopefulLawStudent1

    Re-write = delayed acceptance?

    I got into Ottawa with a 154 in November. And there are a handful of people that have been accepted with that lsat score after me this year as well. Just so you know
  12. HopefulLawStudent1

    Chances? Cgpa: 3.87, LSAT:153

    I got into Ottawa in November with a 154 and 3.73 B2 3.9. Though my EC's are very oriented towards uOttawa.
  13. HopefulLawStudent1

    Email received that they are reviewing my application

    Ya im pretty sure they sent this to everyone
  14. HopefulLawStudent1

    Email from the Dean

    Did anyone else get that email from the Dean this morning just stating that they received your application and the admissions committee is reviewing it carefully?
  15. HopefulLawStudent1

    Facebook Group

    I was also wondering this!