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  1. HopefulLawStudent1

    Any News

    Hi guys, Has anyone who has submitted their application heard anything yet?
  2. HopefulLawStudent1


    Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyones application is complete on the MyUWindsor.ca. All I have updated is my GPA and LSAT score. All the other documents haven't been uploaded yet. Does anyone know when this will happen? Thanks
  3. HopefulLawStudent1

    Under Evaluation

    Hi, the status of my application switched to "under evaluation" on Ozone and I was wondering if this means they are actually evaluating this early? Thanks for your help.
  4. HopefulLawStudent1


    For anyone who has finished applying and submitted their application, has your LSAT score been updated to OLSAS yet?
  5. HopefulLawStudent1

    Chances 3.73 / 154

    Hi Guys, I am applying for September 2019 and I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with some predictions. My overall GPA calculated by OLSAS is 3.73 and my LSAT score is 154. I am really hoping to go to Ottawa but I am applying to Windsor, Osgood and TRU. Maybe Manitoba and Alberta. I have strong softs as I have been working as a legal assistant for the last 2 years, I am a research assistant on a very important project and lots of volunteering and extracurriculars. Thanks for your help