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  1. You should add pastry deliciousness as a pro for UVic in your school comparison thread.
  2. No worries! If you're set on staying on campus, there are other options: Grad student residences (Green College, St. John's, MBA House) Private apartments (Axis building, Iona Drive apartments, Wesbrook Village, University Village, Hampton Place) St. Andrews Hall Living off-campus is also a great option and will likely give you better value for your money.
  3. No chance, it can take more than a year to get into year-round studio housing.
  4. UBC's regular category is index-based, so as long as you have a confirmed GPA and LSAT score, you can reasonably predict your chances of admission and when you might hear back. Have you calculated your index score yet?
  5. In my case, the Scotia PSLOC rep I worked with walked me through the program details and application process through email, then forwarded the documents to my local branch for me to sign once everything was approved. I didn't want to transmit my documentation through plain old email, so I went to my local Scotia branch with a hard copy and asked them to forward it to the rep through their internal mail system. You don't need to live in the same city as your rep or even meet them at all.
  6. Take this with a grain of salt, but my understanding is that they calculate your GPA on a course-by-course basis unless your transcript contains percentages. If your transcript contains: Percentage grades: they take those percentages at face value Only letter grades: they convert those grades to the lowest corresponding percentage on the UBC scale. Not sure how it works for WES and American students, though.
  7. Does your 87% include drops? If it does, you have an index of 90.68, which is too low for regular category admissions. Congrats on the great GPA, though!
  8. If you have the opportunity to attend UBC Law while living in Vancouver rent-free, take it. That's such an incredible position to be in.
  9. You're way above the auto-admit threshold, so you'll probably hear back very soon. Congrats in advance.
  10. For those of you who are moving somewhere new for school, when are you planning on securing a lease and moving?
  11. I had to provide my acceptance letter and deposit confirmation, but I also have access to my funds right now.
  12. Same here, I applied in mid-January and had everything set up by the first week of February.
  13. I'd call and explain that you'd like to follow up on the status of your application because you've been accepted to another school. You likely won't get an official decision, but in my experience, they're usually willing to give you an idea of where you stand if they've assessed your file and index score. They're super nice, I wouldn't worry about calling.
  14. Feel free to call, they're very nice. The people who found out via phone in November all had 91.8-92+ index scores, though.
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