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  1. It is, but the scale's been in place for years and there's no point in trying to convince the admissions office to change it. It is what it is.
  2. Don't take my word for it since the "Adms Officer" status didn't exist last cycle, but the admissions officer was the last person to read and sign off on my file before I received an offer. If your status went from "App Forwarded to Review" straight to "App Forwarded: Adms Officer", that could be a good sign, especially if your stats are relatively high. Typically, the people whose stats aren't high enough to receive immediate decisions go from "App Forwarded for Review" to "To (Admissions) Committee for Review" or "Law - Hold" (if they're waiting on your final grades). Good luck!
  3. I would consider retaking because there's no guarantee that your South Korean GPA will actually convert to an 87.62.
  4. UBC has an Indigenous Legal Studies program, an Indigenous Cultural Competency certificate program, an Environmental Law Club, and several professors who've worked in international law. From what I've experienced so far as a fledgling 1L, the school tries its best to incorporate Indigenous law and history into the 1L curriculum: for example, we've had mandatory sessions on the TRC's Calls to Action and the history of residential schools in Canada, and we've also read several cases involving Indigenous rights and claims as part of our classes. There's been talk that the 2020-21 1L curriculum will include a new, mandatory course on Indigenous law as well.
  5. Holistic schools do accept people with lower stats, but those people tend to be LSAT/GPA splitters, not applicants whose stats are low across the board.
  6. You don't have any offers right now, so spend the extra money and apply to both schools. It'd be beyond foolish to pass on Osgoode in order to save $130.
  7. How long until the first UofT vs Ryerson thread?
  8. You may have to wait until the new year to hear back, but don't worry about rolling admissions; you'll get in with a 4.0/166.
  9. You don't really need a safety net; you're essentially guaranteed an acceptance at UofA with those stats. If you're set on going there, I'd apply to one backup school (Calgary) and save the other $400 for a nice acceptance gift for yourself.
  10. No, what I'm saying is that unless you can significantly improve at least one of those stats, it won't be worth it for you to apply to Canadian schools.
  11. Sure, but as it stands, all three of your relevant stats (cGPA, L2/B2, and LSAT) are extremely low, and schools aren't going to overlook that just because of your extenuating circumstances.
  12. Unfortunately, I don't think you'll stand a chance anywhere in Canada with a sub-3.0 cGPA and a 147 LSAT.
  13. If your numbers are accurate, then you should be able to drop 8 half-year courses / 24 credits (144 total credits - 9 ungraded credits = 135 accumulated credits). Here's the chart UVic uses to determine drops. Accumulated Credits Credits Discounted 96 - 103.9 6 104 - 115.9 12 116 - 127.9 18 128 - 139.9 24 140 or more 30
  14. UBC and UVic are both out of the question with a 2.9 GPA; you'd need a 3.8+ GPA alongside that 161 LSAT to be competitive at either school, so I'd save some money there.
  15. You should be an auto-admit at UVic and UBC in November. UBC changed its personal statement format for regular applicants this year, but I highly doubt that change will adversely affect your chances with those stats. Relax and congrats in advance
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