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  1. Vancouver rent prices are high, but they're not that high. You should easily be able to find an older one-bedroom or a very nice studio with a $2000/month budget.
  2. Queen's is a B2 school, but if I'm not mistaken, they take your cGPA into consideration as well. I think you should target Windsor, Lakehead and possibly Ryerson.
  3. What does this mean? The LSAT's been offered at least four times per year for a long, long time - how much waiting do you have to do to write it?
  4. There's no point in applying early without an LSAT score because schools won't evaluate your application until you have one.
  5. UBC's historically been a pure index school. That said, someone here mentioned that the admissions formula may be changing this cycle, so I'd wait to see if those changes materialize before you start writing your personal statement.
  6. No, but I don't think it'll benefit you, either. If you don't cancel and score lower on your next take, you'll end up with two low-150s scores and have to adjust your target schools anyway. If you score significantly higher, it's that new score that'll get you in, not the fact that you improved from a 154. In either case, you might as well retake for free while you can.
  7. I don't think that's why people are advising OP to cancel. A 154 isn't competitive for OP's target schools anyway, so there's little point in keeping it instead of cancelling for a one-time free retake.
  8. I was told that the auto-admit threshold was 905 during my acceptance call, so that number came directly from the admissions staff. That threshold could have changed once new scores / applications came in, or it could've taken some time for UVic to admit the 907 applicant. My self-calculated index score was identical to the one UVic had on file, too -- if you need help calculating it, feel free to PM me!
  9. This is one of the strangest complaints I've ever read on these forums.
  10. I'd cancel. Unless your L2 is significantly higher than your cGPA, you need a higher LSAT score to stand a chance at most of the schools on your list.
  11. I'd keep it as well, I think you have a fighting chance at TRU with those numbers.
  12. It'll be very difficult (but not impossible) for you to get in to UBC Law with a 76% cGPA - you'll likely need a 172-173+ on the LSAT to be competitive for admission. That's what you should focus on.
  13. Sure, if you feel comfortable doing so. I know you had a tough 2018-19 cycle and would love to see you share better news this time next year!
  14. Given your somewhat atypical results at those schools this past cycle, I'm not convinced that a .15/.20 GPA increase and an identical LSAT will significantly improve your chances. Quite frankly, your 3.7 L2 / 164 LSAT should've gotten you into Western or Queen's as is, so your stats may not be the problem. If there were any other weaknesses in your application this year, do your best to address those. Good luck!
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