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  1. AFAIK, Gareth and Tara are the only current staff members with prior experience in Allard's admissions office; the others are new to the staff as of this cycle. Elaine Borthwick, the former admissions director, retired this past summer after 40 years of service. Add the pandemic, a relatively new index system -- the current one launched as a pilot program last cycle -- and it's not surprising that the admissions process has been disjointed this year.
  2. You're looking at UBC from an Ontario-centric perspective, so it sounds like Osgoode would be a better choice for you. Not everyone wants to be on Bay Street, and many UBC students have no interest in the Toronto market whatsoever.
  3. Why do people who are already in law school care about this topic at all?
  4. I'm skeptical that someone who truly received a 175 would wait until late February to ask whether they had a shot in Ontario. Actual high-LSAT splitters typically know what score they need to gain admission before they begin studying for the test.
  5. UVic doesn't get enough credit on this forum - its admissions standards are neck and neck with UBC's, and its tuition fees are the lowest in Canada. It's the best value school in the country.
  6. Yes. You have no chance of admission at those schools with a 142. Based on your current score, I would caution you against thinking you can score a 170 because your tutor scored a 180.
  7. You called the dean and not admissions, and the dean told you what grades you'd need to successfully transfer?
  8. Law students love to argue about the relative merits of many ideas. This is one of the rare exceptions.
  9. I'm not arguing that mature students aren't capable of doing so, but that these concerns and biases contribute to the overall stigma against mature students. Cool your jets, it's not a personal attack.
  10. @BlockedQuebecois I don't have first-hand experience with this, but my impression is that in terms of the formal recruit, mature students face more barriers with respect to "fit". Many firms prefer not to hire the older candidate who likely has less in common with their immediate colleagues, may not be as eager to tow the company line, and whose years of experience in an unrelated field might give them an unearned sense of superiority over younger colleagues and bosses.
  11. The assumption is that mature students tend to have more personal obligations that impede their ability and/or willingness to work the long hours that most first-year positions demand.
  12. UVic. You can't go wrong with either school, but UBC leans toward corporate law and its CSO and extracurricular opportunities mostly reflect that. You'll have to do more of the legwork on your own at UBC.
  13. One would raise potential confidentiality issues, and the other two don't have much, if any bearing on your understanding of the practice of law.
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