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  1. Did we see the same interaction? This is an inaccurate representation of what happened. Three or four vocal students at most engaged in the "bullying" you speak of, but over half of the 1Ls supported some form of mandatory pass-fail, and many of them had legitimate reasons for doing so. Most of our cohort has been extremely respectful and understanding over the last few weeks.
  2. Good luck! It doesn't matter whether you're admitted in April or the last week of August - everyone starts 1L at the same time and it's a clean slate from there.
  3. Assuming this is for UVic, "decision pending" typically isn't a great sign because competitive non-auto-admits usually receive the "to committee for review" status.
  4. My friend, you've been on this forum for four years and three admissions cycles, and have been so fixated on getting into a few select schools the whole time that you passed on two offers from perfectly good schools last year. If you get an offer from any Canadian school this year or next, go. I know you have genuine mental health concerns, but three years of waiting and anxiety hasn't done your mental health any good, either. You can find mental health supports in other cities across Canada, but you can't become a lawyer if you never start law school.
  5. This is a good thing - the LSAT's a relatively safe opportunity to learn that you may not breeze through your studies anymore. It's good to get rid of that "I won't do anything unless I do it perfectly the first time" mindset before law school.
  6. With the exception of a few outliers, most of your future classmates will also have had near-perfect undergraduate GPAs. Law school's a different playing field because on balance, you're not competing against the kids who floated their way to a pass, forgot about their midterms until the day of, or partied every night instead of studying. Those people generally don't make it to law school, so the competition is much stiffer.
  7. Firm offer ≠ an offer to work at a law firm.
  8. The reality is that you'll start 1L by taking the same black letter courses and by reading the same 17th-century cases as everyone else.
  9. Is it possible for a UfT student who gets a B+ average there to get an A at Manitoba? Yes. Is it safe to assume you'll be that student? Not at all.
  10. Learn how to meal prep if you haven't already.
  11. To groups of students in the same class, sure.
  12. No, it isn't, but UBC is working to finalize some form of pass-fail grading, and I'd expect the other BC schools to follow shortly thereafter.
  13. You're right, but sometimes, you need to experience situations as they happen in order to understand how to handle more difficult situations in the future. "You better deal with this now because you're going to deal with even worse things later" is well-meaning advice, but I think it risks invalidating how that person feels at that particular moment in time. It's not necessarily the most helpful approach.
  14. I agree with this, but I get annoyed every time I see the "If you can't do X right now, you won't be able to handle Y in the future" argument on these forums. It isn't a very good argument.
  15. Aren't you a 2L right now? This type of statement gets tossed around here quite often, and it's usually by people who, just like me, aren't practicing lawyers yet. I'm well aware of the obligations that working professionals have, thank you.
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