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  1. Yes, you're right, but it sounds like OP only has college grades and not undergraduate university grades, which would rule them out of several schools.
  2. You have a college degree and are working towards a master's -- do you have a bachelor's degree from a recognised university?
  3. You're only three or four LSAT points away from being an excellent candidate at every school except UofT. You're way too close to getting in to give up on law school just yet, and your English is great for someone who moved to Canada only five years ago. Keep at it.
  4. UBC's application doesn't open until mid-September and offers don't come out until November, so take a break and enjoy your summer! I received a first-round offer with a 92.1 index and a below median LSAT score.
  5. It doesn't seem like there's been much waitlist movement across the country this cycle. The fact that Ottawa and TRU's waitlists have barely moved is telling, and most people have probably started securing housing at this point.
  6. On test day, I was under so much pressure that my brain went on auto-pilot and my ability to methodically break down each question went out the window, even though I'd spent hundreds of hours studying similar questions at home. If your goal is to start law school in 2020, I think it'd be well worth it for you to experience that pressure before the do-or-die January exam.
  7. It was a really tough decision, but I'm heading to UBC 🙂. Good luck at UofA!
  8. I chose "professional" and it didn't seem to impact my assessment.
  9. Coupled with a good LSAT score, that 80% will get you into a Canadian school.
  10. That's not the question that OP asked. You can keep saying that "P/F are not counted" if you wish, but that doesn't mean that OLSAS will disregard a failing grade from a P/F course.
  11. The portion of the text that you quoted states that passing grades from P/F courses don't count, not that those courses don't count at all. Here's a response that someone on this forum received from OLSAS while in a very similar situation:
  12. No, a pass wouldn't be factored into your GPA, but IIRC, punitive grades like WF, Fail, and Inc are treated as 0s on OLSAS's 4.0 scale. I remember reading this somewhere.
  13. My understanding is that OLSAS counts non-graded marks that carry an academic penalty (e.g., incomplete, WF, failing a pass/fail course).
  14. If the F shows up on your transcript, it'll count for your OLSAS GPA.
  15. Some schools use exchange grades and some don't, but you do have to submit original transcripts from the host institution to OLSAS and the non-Ontario schools you're applying to.
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