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  1. Have a look through these threads:
  2. Tagger

    Any tips?

    Can't hurt to monitor your bathroom schedule and adjust your food and fluid intake to fit the timing of the test. It can take around an hour to actually start the test after signing in, so you don't want to slam a triple-shot espresso drink at 7:50AM only to find out that you really, really have to go 15 minutes into section 1.
  3. Take the November test to get used to test day, and use that experience as part of your prep for January. If you're averaging 155, you're not too far from the 160+ you need to have a good shot at Queen's and Western, but you need to take more practice tests before the January exam.
  4. Which schools have you applied to?
  5. If you only write the January exam and it doesn't go well, you'll be out of luck for the 2019 cycle. Take the November exam: even if you don't reach your goal score, you'll know what to expect in January.
  6. Tagger

    How important are 4th year 1st semester grades?

    If you haven't written the LSAT and don't have an official score yet, do your best to keep your grades up. You never know how your LSAT takes and application cycle will go, and you may need to use those 4th year grades to bolster your chances in the future. Also, some schools will ask for those grades before making a decision on your application, so I wouldn't neglect them.
  7. Tagger

    Law School Admission Eligiblity

    Are you saying that your cGPA breaks down like this on a 4.3 scale? Year 1: 1.1 Year 2: 0.9 Year 3: 2.0 Year 4: 2.4 If so, you have no shot at any Canadian law school.
  8. Ottawa sticks out as a possibility, but you would've had to apply before the OLSAS deadline. You might also have a shot at TRU off the waitlist in the summer.
  9. If I had to guess: Out at UBC (index score too low), Toronto (B3 GPA and LSAT below medians), and Osgoode (cGPA) In at Queen's and Western sometime in the new year.
  10. I don't think you should write in November. If you're PTing at 151, you could easily end up scoring in the 140s on test day. Some schools initially use your LSAT average to rank files for review (Queen's and Calgary), and one (Alberta) actually uses that average for admissions purposes. I know you've only applied to schools in Ontario, but with your stats, I don't think you should risk closing doors before you actually have a competitive LSAT score in hand.
  11. Tagger

    Chances? (2.69 cGPA / 3.62 L2 / 166)

    The good thing about having 150 credits is that UVic will allow you to drop 30 credits from your GPA calculation. Since there's a big difference between your cGPA and B3/L2 GPAs, that may change your odds of admission there. Here's their drops policy: Accumulated Units Units Discounted 48 – 51.9 3 52 – 57.9 6 58 – 63.9 9 64-69.9 12 70 or more 15 Accumulated Credits Credits Discounted 96 - 103.9 6 104 - 115.9 12 116 - 127.9 18 128 - 139.9 24 140 or more 30
  12. Tagger

    UVic - What's it like?

    Hey, are you sure you're taking the right approach to asking questions?
  13. Thanks for doing this, Ryn! In your experience, how well does the admissions process line up with the conventional wisdom that's provided online (e.g., maintain a high GPA, get a good LSAT score, write a strong PS, have some ECs and get great LoRs)? Are there other factors that aren't typically mentioned on communities like this that can play a notable role in influencing adcom decisions?
  14. Tagger

    Canceling an LSAT score

    If you have any interest in attending the University of Alberta, don't take the November LSAT. Alberta averages LSAT scores, so an official score that's anywhere near 142 will ruin your chances of admission there.
  15. Tagger

    Bond University

    Can't answer any questions about Bond, sorry, but for reference, here are some examples of UOttawa applicants with lower stats who were accepted as early as January/February last cycle. Other applicants with similar GPAs and 14x LSAT scores were accepted in March.