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  1. Yeah, then take their advice with a large grain of salt; they couldn't have done much substantive work anyway.
  2. Did these people go to law school, or did they just do clerical work at a firm?
  3. You just wrote the January LSAT today, right? Take the night off, unplug from this forum and give yourself some time to relax and process your emotions. You wrote the LSAT four times and achieved a 160; you should be proud of your resilience and dedication, because those are qualities you'll need when (not if) you start law school. It's not easy to feel like you're not guaranteed a specific result, but that's a feeling you'll have to confront quite often in law school. Don't let that sense of uncertainty blunt your self-esteem and lead you to a rash, emotional decision.
  4. What makes you think you won't get into law school with a 3.68 L2/160 LSAT? Those stats will easily get you into at least one Canadian school. If this is your dream, don't give up yet.
  5. A New England law school, not New England Law School.
  6. Is there a reason why you're concerned about your cGPA if you've already received an offer?
  7. I don't have any admissions experience, but I doubt that schools would look at your file after accepting you -- I would think they have too many applications to get through to do that. You have excellent stats too, so I wouldn't re-take if I were you.
  8. Tagger

    Feb LSAT?

    I think you're overthinking it. February LSAT scores won't be released until March, so save for Western, it's unlikely that schools will consider those scores for the current cycle. All your plan does is prevent schools from evaluating your file (and January score) as soon as possible.
  9. Wait, what? You sound like someone who hasn't written the LSAT yet.
  10. The vast majority of averagely intelligent test takers don't reach 170, no matter how much work they do.
  11. Be careful not to underestimate how difficult it is to get in through the access category. You may have a valid access claim, but your application still needs to be competitive against the rest of the access applicant pool, and that's where stats come into play. For example, Queen's publishes their access matriculants' average stats here, and they're almost identical to the regular category averages (3.73/160 access vs 3.76/161 regular). Western expects competitive access applicants to have a 3.3+ cGPA, and Ottawa reportedly does, too.
  12. How come everyone on the internet knows the exact details of their "friend's" monthly budget? That's what I want to know - how does that conversation go in real life?
  13. You'd have to ask the admissions office to make sure, but I'm pretty sure every applicant gets to drop at least two courses.
  14. You'll only be able to drop two courses as a three-year applicant, not six, because each single-term course is worth three credits.
  15. Maybe you should write the LSAT first, hotshot.
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