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  1. Tagger

    Odds of admission? Index 890

    From what I understand, UVic doesn't use a completely index-based approach when ranking non-auto-admit applicants, so your chances for this cycle may depend on the rest of your application.
  2. Tagger

    Accepted 2019

    Accepted this morning. L2: ~3.9 (unconfirmed) LSAT: 163 Will be declining. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Tagger

    Access Category, Stats

    Maybe the access acceptances you've seen so far came from applicants who were moved to (and accepted under) the general category on account of their high stats.
  4. Tagger

    Crazy practice score fluctuation

    You have to start doing full, timed 5-section tests now; you only have two weeks left.
  5. Tagger

    Have I ruined my chances?

    Look, you're not in a position to scheme a backdoor route into law school; that's the wrong approach. Don't assume that after 2.5 years of getting very low grades, you can change into an "easier" major, flip a switch and coast your way to a 4.0. Upper-year psychology courses are not easy, and you'll be competing against talented students who had their eyes on becoming a psychology major on day 1. The best way for you to turn your GPA around is to stop trying to find the easy way out and to just focus on working your butt off from now on.
  6. Tagger

    Have I ruined my chances?

    You mentioned that all of your low grades were from biological sciences courses and that you're now a psychology major, but your GPA decreased from a 2.6 in your first and second years to a 2.2 in third year. What happened?
  7. Tagger

    Discussions on Reddit?

    You can delete posts and accounts whenever you want on Reddit, so there are no repercussions for lying or disseminating inaccurate information there.
  8. IIRC, UofT doesn't count summer courses or part-time academic years in their B3 GPA calculation, so it's possible that those summer courses and the academic year that includes your co-op work term won't count towards your B3 GPA: That's from this post a few years ago, so I'd double-check with the admissions office before you delay your graduation or participate in co-op.
  9. Tagger

    UVic vs UBC

    Hi everyone, Thanks for all of your input! I've had some time to mull over this decision over the last few months, and it's turned out to be a much more complex one than I initially envisioned. I'd love to go to UVic, but as a Vancouver native whose entire support group is in Vancouver, I have a funny feeling that I'll end up practicing in the Lower Mainland long-term. In that context, does it still make sense to choose UVic over UBC? I think I can make my financial situation work at both schools, so that's not an issue. I've been to Victoria several times since August, and it's a beautiful city that I really like. Relative to Vancouver, however, it seems to have a smaller, less diverse population and legal market, and having never lived there before, I'm not sure what to expect in terms of a long-term career outlook there. I understand that it's not too difficult for UVic grads to move back to Vancouver for work, but since I have a UBC acceptance in hand, I'd prefer to stay put if that's the most probable outcome. For what it's worth, prestige, culture and competitiveness are non-factors for me; everyone I've spoken with at both schools has been very welcoming, and I'm going to do my best to enjoy the journey wherever I go. Thanks in advance for any additional input! It's been a good, but tricky problem to have because I can easily see myself at either school.
  10. You'll probably need to take on a full-time course load for this option to work.
  11. Tagger

    Advice - What are my odds [2.93, 150]

    I wouldn't expect anything this cycle, but if you prepare for (and do well on) the LSAT and apply early next cycle, you may have a shot at L2/B2-focused schools. You have to put the effort in, though; no more taking the LSAT cold.
  12. There's nothing you can do, you'll have to wait until next cycle to reapply. If you didn't register in time for an LSAT that's one month away, though, that extra time can only help you for next cycle.
  13. Tagger

    LSAT 177, really bad gpa

    A 1.0/177? Wow. I'm not in a position to give you advice, but that's a seriously impressive turnaround. When people post topics like this, that 177 LSAT score is usually hypothetical, but you pulled it off. Congrats on the great score and I wish you all the best.
  14. Let's say you hit a 155 on practice tests leading up to the January exam (a 17 point increase from your current score), but score a 149 on the actual test. You'll have to postpone anyway and will need to score 165 on your next take to end up with a 157 average. It seems like your mind is made up, but be careful with this plan; it's not a good idea to rush the LSAT because you "want it". Consider taking the time you need to fully prepare for it.
  15. Honestly, I would postpone until next cycle in this scenario. It'll be difficult for you to complete the 7sage course alone in six weeks, you're 20 points below your target score, and a bad performance on test day could permanently hurt your chances of getting into that school. Take your time.