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  1. I got in (auto-admit) with about the same GPA and a 166 on the LSAT.
  2. My diagnostic score was about 153, and I scored a 166 on the LSAT. It's all about getting used to the type of questions and the time pressure (so it becomes more akin to muscle memory).
  3. Waitlisted on March 29th LSAT: 166 cGPA: 3.43
  4. Rejected a few days ago cGPA: 3.48 LSAT: 166 1 academic, 1 professional reference.
  5. Got the email today. Will be declining, as I already accepted my offer from UVic cGPA: 3.48 LSAT: 166 1 academic and 1 professional reference General BC Resident
  6. Man, it's casual Friday at work (which I'm going back to in the afternoon), so I reaaaaally don't want to dress up for this...
  7. Accepted via email CGPA: 3.48 LSAT: 158, 166 Will be declining in favour of UVic (closer to home)
  8. Accepted Dec 21, 2018. cGPA: 3.48/4.33 LAST: 166 Application submitted mid-October. Will be declining, as I've already chosen UVic.
  9. I missed the call, but got the email! CGPA: 3.48/4.33 without drops LSAT: 164 Application submitted Sep 4th
  10. I did, but I accidentally submitted one from before I officially graduated (but after the completion of all my classes).
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