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  1. i did the same thing as you! Visited once a month for long weekend, and sometimes skipped the Tuesday or Thursday class to stay extra long. It does not detract from the experience at all, unless you're gone during a major event. Feel free to DM me for anything else
  2. I don’t think this is official is it? As far as I’ve heard the decision is still up in the air
  3. I’m also a 1L at UofA, and I too moved away from home, away from family and friends, and am pretty introverted sometimes despite a seemingly extroverted exterior. As someone who has stood outside classrooms in a circle of friends chatting, I can honestly say that if you come up to the group, go, “Hey, I’m so and so” the group will light up and ask you a million questions about where you’re from, how your classes are, and other random tidbits. Feel free to join us for lunch or our study groups. Just approach and ask, and everyone would be happy to welcome you in Having said that, I have never once sat next to a person in class and asked them how they are, or chatted with them to have them blow me off completely. If I sit down and do not acknowledge the other person, 70% of the time they ask me how I am, and 30% of the time they also do not acknowledge me. I also think law school is what you make of it. I enjoy immensely being at home by myself, listening to music, watching Netflix etc etc etc. But I’ve been forcing myself to attend events, go out with friends, join clubs, run for positions as 1L rep. I am in no way saying OP is not making an effort, because I know how hard it is to make friends in a new place while juggling readings and this new way of learning. I have friends, we hang out, yet I still feel like I’m the least important person in the friend group.
  4. Another question about dress code! I wore business casual all throughout business school functions, and pencil skirts and blazers to interviews and such. For 1L activities and interviews/etc would a pencil skirt and blazer set be appropriate? Do the skirts have to be below the knee? If they are slightly above the knee is it better to have tights on underneath? Thanks!
  5. Thanks again everyone for their input! I will say that although I will consider the Toronto market, it is very very unlikely that I will go if there is any way that I can live and work in Vancouver, as my entire family is in Vancouver. I do agree with Mal, the most important thing holding me back from Queens right now is the cost, I cannot quite justify the 30k in additional costs when I can be closer to home, and my (hopefully) future workplace. I am preeeetty sure UBC is a no go at this point, the waitlist has not moved for a month, and not only that, they have slotted more people in so I was told it is possible to move back a waitlist position. I am also heavily considering the possibility of transferring back to UBC after 1st year. Again, my entire family is here, and with elderly grandparents who are unable to travel, it may be best to stay close to home.
  6. HEY see you there! good thing I paid that second deposit for Alberta...
  7. I completely agree with everyone's points! In terms of the distance and cost of travelling, I am leaning towards Alberta. Those tiny planes from Pearson to Kingston scare the living daylights out of me. As an aside, how is the housing situation at Alberta? I have yet to delve into the market.
  8. So I am torn between Queens and Alberta I am currently waiting for UBC/UVIC but I am not holding out much hope and need to choose between the two. I eventually want to live and work in Vancouver, and I am leaning towards Queens due to an event I attended where I got to meet a bunch if interesting people, but am very interested in Alberta because the interactions I have had thus far with ambassadors and staff have been so positive. As far as my research goes, the tuition seems to be similar between Alberta and Queens, and climate is similar as well. Alberta is a bit closer to home but its not close enough to make a huge difference compared to going to Queens. Everything else in terms of atmosphere etc I hold the two fairly equal. The only thing is, Ive attended a Queens welcome event and loved it. The Alberta event doesn't happen for another two weeks, and the second deposit is due soon. Alberta is good about emailing to keep students up to date on deadlines, to do items etc, but Queens is....a little less responsive when I email, and the website/info page is also not as helpful. I have read and re-read the comparisons in this forum many times now, but does anyone have any insight? Thanks!
  9. Has anyone called in to see if there has been much movement? Also, are admissions off the waitlist rolling or in waves?
  10. Waitlisted, will be declining. Good luck to those waiting!
  11. Accepted off waitlist, I think I was 33rd or something? Declining. Good luck to those stilll waiting!
  12. The email said no waitlist positions currently available and would be ranked by end of May
  13. Ah perfect! thank you! I am still waiting on the system admin to let me back in
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