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  1. Waitlisted, will be declining. Good luck to those waiting!
  2. Accepted off waitlist, I think I was 33rd or something? Declining. Good luck to those stilll waiting!
  3. The email said no waitlist positions currently available and would be ranked by end of May
  4. Ah perfect! thank you! I am still waiting on the system admin to let me back in
  5. Hi everyone! Just wanted to confirm - when you accept Queen's offer provisionally, the deposit of $500 is due by JUNE 1 via bank transfer? I thought I saw information that this payment was due in June, but cannot find anything on OLSAS and my darn SOLUS is not letting me log in. Thanks in advance!
  6. I saw on Beartracks that I am able to enrol in courses. Just to clarify as this thread seems to be the most related: I do NOT need to pick my own classes? A timetable will be made available? I was always unlucky with course selection in undergrad so I am very anxious about this open enrolment thing. I can just sit back and relax? haha
  7. I noticed for previous year official groups on FB had over 300 members
  8. I just declined my offer, good luck to those waiting!
  9. Yah! Last year even in November early acceptances had 4 or 6 pages in the accepted thread. This year acceptances started late and tapered off early. So weird! Hopefully they do another large round of acceptances soon?
  10. Got the same answer today as above, said May is when we will get more information
  11. just declined, good luck to those on waitlist!
  12. I thought of the proximity of Calgary/Vancouver as well, so that's what's prompting me towards U of C, but I also heard good things about Alberta and Queens, which is making the decision so hard!
  13. Hi all! I hope this is not too repetitive a thread of questioning. I was accepted to Queens, Alberta, and Calgary. Just wondering based on those schools, which would be the one people suggest? I am from BC, so am looking forward to hearing back from UBC/UVIC soon. If I get accepted to UBC, I will be going without a doubt. However, in the event that I don't, I wanted to secure a spot somewhere where I've been admitted soon. I am pretty social, and would like to save money if possible. I have some decent savings as I have worked 3 jobs during my undergrad, and I have some scholarship payments saved up as well from Undergrad. My ultimate goal would be to come back to BC and work here. Based on that, between Queens, Alberta and Calgary, what would you all recommend? If I get into UVIC and not UBC, how would that change the recommendations? Between UVIC, Queens, Alberta and Calgary? Thank you so much!
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