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  1. I can totally relate! I royally screwed up my first semester in university, took on way too many courses without considering the impact, and almost lost my scholarship. I worked my butt off to get the scholarship back and brought my average back to cgpa 3.5, 3.8L2. I wrote the LSAT 2 times, and got 159 each time and was so defeated I decided to just apply. I was PTing at 165+ and just not test well. Happily, I was very involved during my entire high school/university with many community groups, jobs, events, etc. I also worked hard to engage in university to get strong persuasive professors who knew me very well to write me LORs. I feel like that is what pushed me up a little higher to be slightly more competitive. I feel like what everyone else is saying is all you can do. As someone who has received the same advice that you are being given, I understand it is super hard to hear, and depending on what you feel capable of doing, do try to improve the LSAT. Try to maybe be more engaged, perhaps volunteer and work somewhere to get some more extracurriculars. The waiting game is hard and so frustrating. I feel like I can't make summer travel plans, I can't make any solid decisions as everything feels like its up in the air. I think what is so important is to celebrate how far you've come, how brave it was to even make this step, and acknowledge that for yourself. All the best, wishing you luck this cycle!
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that do you mind sharing stats and how did they let you know?
  3. i fell off the couch today when my caller ID flashed "Law recruiter". It turned out to be an ambassador calling. And same ^ waitlist/rejection here as well
  4. I'm going to hop on this! This was me when I was in grade 12. I wanted to go to the UK for law school, but had applied and gotten into business schools in Canada. Queens/Toronto/UBC/SFU etc. I ended up going to business school, and applied to Canadian law schools this cycle. For me, the deciding factor was that I had no idea what I was getting into. I liked law in grade 12, but I realized that law 12 could barely scratch the surface of what the profession was really like. I took the extra time to make sure that Law was what I wanted, and not some passing fancy. I spoke to lawyers, networked, did co-op, and explored the business profession and what my degree was geared towards, and am now wholeheartedly pursuing law. Also, not sure what yer you are currently in for psych, but 1st year courses suuuuuck. Up until the 300/400 level of business school I was so pissed I was taking random shitty classes that were uninteresting or not dealing with my concentration. They get so much more interesting and so much better in upper years.
  5. In queue since December. Didn't get a notification of status change, just checked and saw on OASIS.
  6. I got in with similar cGPA, but 159 LSAT. I also have a lot of diverse and maintained ECs, but alright LoRs - nothing from crazy powerful influential people, just my professors and co-op supervisor.
  7. My U Calgary status changed a solid 2 hours after I got my email offer. Maybe try refreshing your email every 20 minutes instead :p
  8. I spoke with a couple of lawyers in Vancouver who told me that when they are looking for articling/summering students, they mostly focus on those who are at the local schools - Vancouver based firms hiring UBC/UVIC students. I have not yet heard back from top choices (UVIC/UBC) but have heard back from Calgary, Alberta, Queens, Windsor thus far. What are the implications of going to school out of province? If say I went to Calgary/Alberta/Queens/Windsor, would I be able to apply for articling/summering in Vancouver? What are the chances of getting one?
  9. Circle was green since January after I sent in my Fall 2018 grades. LSAT was November
  10. Not quite sure what it is officially bc it’s self calculated but probably 3.8 ish?
  11. I have my current undergrad university email on file and that's where they sent the email to this morning. Calgary student service (the place where you find the little green dot thing) is also updated!
  12. Offer this morning! 159 LSAT 3.5 OLSAS cgpa last name "F"
  13. Offer this morning! 159 LSAT 3.5 OLSAS cgpa
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