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  1. My PAWS hasn’t updated yet but I was able to find the textbook list online. Does anyone know why section 2 needs textbooks for Contracts but section 1 doesn’t?
  2. Accepted earlier today! This is my second year applying (waitlisted last year, but did not receive an offer). Deadline to Accept is August 26 for those still waiting. LSAT : 153 and B2 around 80% strong sask connection
  3. Received the waitlist email @ 1:47pm lsat:153 B2:80% strong sask connection
  4. Waitlisted at 3:15pm L2: not exactly sure but probably close to my CGPA (3.4) LSAT: 153 sask resident
  5. Congrats! Were you officially waitlisted in May or June?
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