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  1. Definitely! That is actually how I see it as well. If I'm not going to be in the CAF as a soldier I actually don't want to go to law school... I'd rather continue on as a logistics officer in the CAF rather than practice at some private law firm. Thank you Cap!
  2. Wow, this is some very good insight! U of A is my first choice of law school ! Thank you !!!
  3. That's lovely to hear, "Constable". ^^ Yes, I have been fortunate enough that I was involved in many volunteering through my youth and even now. The city where I reside is Edmonton, and I believe the EPS (Edmonton Police Service) only allow ride-alongs for current applicants, which I am not, yet. Also, I am currently volunteering with the EPS and other organizations so hopefully that would be an extra point. My plan is to apply next year 2019 after I get my advanced drivers license, which is the only thing holding me back from applying earlier. I also plan on attending "run-with-recruiters", as I heard that it is extremely beneficial in terms of getting to physically train with recruiters and getting to know the people that would be recruiting me. I'll definitely note what you've said about volunteering at a mental health organization as I agree that that kind of exposure would help me to get a better taste of a significant side of what policing is about. Lastly, a question about applying to different law enforcement agencies. Obviously I would be applying to EPS first as it is my first choice but should I limit myself to a single law enforcement agency? or Should I also apply to CPS (Calgary Police Service) and/or the RCMP a little after I apply with the EPS? Any advice or suggestions?? *I was thinking of applying to to 2 or 3 agencies at most. Definitely not anymore.
  4. Thank you for your time and effort in sharing this in depth insight about "getting into policing and CAF". Maybe Law school is within 2 years or maybe the next 10 years. However, the biggest reason for joining the reserves as well as the desire to join the Police force was because... I HAVE NO IDEA what they're like. I want to try them both and see what they're like and what the right career path is for me. As you have said, Military, Policing, Law are different paths and I totally agree. So I guess I'll have to try the Military and Policing first. I know that the current defense minister of Canada, Harjit Sajjan, has both military and policing background! If I may ask, are you in law enforcement or currently practicing law? Your case was unique but at the same time totally makes sense why they would be skeptical.
  5. Thanks for that! I did get to research a bit more on the "move" part and was told that you don't have to move lol. However, you may volunteer to move else where. I can kind of rationalize this due to the the movement of resources (legal officers) domestically and abroad being a very inefficient move as each counter part is unique and there are only limited/few legal officers comparatively to other occupations in the CAF. I also have an interest/preference of being in Ottawa and was curious if your friend was already bilingual ? Or they trained him in french/English so that he could be stationed there. Would you know how long your friend was idle, as in, how long did the process take for him to become an actual legal officer? From the first time he applied to actually becoming one. I know I'm asking for a lot here lol and it's okay if you don't have the specifics. I just want to excavate this field before committing the entire half of my 20's and potentially more...
  6. That's awesome! I always wanted to know more than what the CAF Site stated about the occupation. Looking forward to it!!!
  7. Yes! Definitely! Here it goes, 1) I heard from a friend that you don't do much strength training in BMQ due to the risk of injuries but instead do a lot of cardio/long walks? Is this true? 2) I was wondering if being in the reserves without signing a contract (Temporary Full-time) and solely attending parades every week and training was enough to say that you had prior military experience when I apply for Legal Officer occupation or should I sign a contract with them? -The reason I ask is because I also wanted to experience being a city police officer (Full-Time) at the same time being in the reserves as a logistics officer (Part-Time) for about 2-3 years before attending law school, in the sense that everything works out smoothly. Is this even possible? I heard stories but stories are well... Stories. I want to reduce the time it takes for me to chase my dream career at the same time trying to experience much as I can to a reasonable degree of course.
  8. Wow, I wasn't aware! Thanks for the heads up! I was hoping to avoid getting too personal... haha
  9. A Brief Info about myself: I am going to be graduating this April 2019 with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Accounting Major) with a deep passion to join the Canadian Armed Forces as a Legal Officer in the distant 5-7 year time frame. I know that you are required a J.D., admittance to the BAR and a year of Article experience. I applied for the Reserves as a Logistics Officer so that I could get a taste of the occupation and the military life itself. I speak Fluent English, Korean and semi fluent French which I will be working to improve continuously. Question: I was curious on the additional information about the family life as a legal officer, what type of courses in law schools would look favorably, how often would I have to move, does the name of the law school you attend matter, How competitive is the Legal Officer Recruitment? Just by the given info, would I have a pretty good chance of potentially becoming one? Or any other information about the occupation would be deeply appreciated. *Just an answer to one of these concerns would be extremely grateful. Thank you for your precious time!