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  1. Agreeing with the other posters here. OP I think that the main obstacle that you need to overcome is being able to test well under pressure. Your GPA is good and you seem to already be testing within a range that would get you accepted to certain schools and I think that it would be more beneficial to you to take the LSAT. Even if you don't do well I think it'll be worth it to keep taking it until you're comfortable enough to score ±3 points of your practice test average. I used to have very similar test anxiety and I realized that I would likely have to take the test more than once in order to be comfortable enough to score well. Before my first LSAT i took many prep tests and generally scored an average of 163. I even scored a 165 on my last prep test before my exam and felt confident going in. But, even with all my preparation and hard work, on the day of I had a massive panic attack and scored a 156. I expected it, but it still hurt like hell and I definitely wallowed for the next 3 weeks until scores came out. But, just like the other posters have said I realized that this was just the tip of the iceberg and perseverance and dedication were characteristics that I needed in order to pursue a career in this field. So I hunkered down. I went to work towards managing my anxiety and began to exercise, eat well, and go through sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy. With these lifestyle changes I was able to write again and score well enough to get into my first choice school, but if I had simply quit I'd likely have never faced the issues related to my anxiety and would not be on the path that I'm on. So my advice is to GO FOR IT! Try so that you don't regret it for the rest of you life and give yourself time to fail and try again!
  2. Just got my offer today. I applied May 3rd
  3. I don't think that you should be worried. Your diagnostic score is average for people who've studied the test for months and you've just begun! I also think that the diagnostic is somewhat overrated (Imo) since it's akin to throwing you into the deep end of a pool before you know how to swim and then having someone tell you that you'll never swim well because you almost drowned that one time they thew you in the deep end. The test is very learnable and you need to learn how to write and practice in order to do well. Hope this helps!
  4. I applied in early may and I'm worried about getting a spot. I called them to ask about my chances and they were not very comforting 😅
  5. I'm in the same boat as you so I definitely relate and I think that when you're in this position you have to think long and hard about what you expect from a legal career. There are plenty of careers that pay well and don't require exorbitant costs. So I think that if you're in it for only money then it may not be worth it. But, if you want something more and you think that pursuing your JD will improve your life in some way that is unique then I think it's worth the debt. To me, the self-fulfillment is worth the cost. But I also believe that when you don't come from money that sometimes you have to take risks like this in order to even have a chance to achieve greatness or overcome barriers. I've come to think of it as more of an opportunity/investment that will *hopefully* open some doors for me in the future. In terms of repayment, you can never really be sure of what's to come so it's hard to estimate what your future income/costs will be. However, I do think that aiming to pay off such a high amount of debt in 5 years is unreasonable. The unfortunate truth is that you have to learn to be comfortable living with debt. It's something that I'm still coming to terms with myself but I honestly think that if you are willing to take some time to pay back your loans, hustle, and lookout for opportunities you'll be able to pay it off and live a decent life. Just try to take it one step at a time
  6. I don't think you should worry! I went abroad and I was fine. I actually think that a foreign experience can set you apart from the pack a little because it gives you a semi-unique experience. I also think that it's GREAT life experience so if you have the opportunity you should go! In terms of my grades I just tried to keep a decent GPA while abroad and I used WES to evaluate my transcripts. I don't even think schools take grades from exchange THAT seriously (within reason) and many schools prioritize your best 3 years. You should be fine but PM me if you have any questions!
  7. Accepted this morning! Went into the queue in early March. LSAT - 161 cGPA - 3.45 L2 - 3.72 Filled out Part B Strong EC's & excellent LOR's Still not showing up on OLSAS but I will definitely be accepting.
  8. Do AMA's ever google candidates and look at their social media profiles? Linkedin, Facebook, etc. ?
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