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  1. Accepted off the waitlist today. Self-calculated index: 91.13 (cGPA: 3.53, L2: 3.56, LSAT: 160, 164) Already declined! Edit: Just FYI: I realized that in my post in the Waitlist topic I said I would be withdrawing my application. I was planning to, but ultimately decided not to.
  2. I’m not entirely sure but I think my profs just used the same letter! Most of the schools asked for the same info from referees, so it was okay to just use the same one! For personal statements, I tailored mine to each school. Since the questions were sometimes a bit different, i just made sure i actually answered the questions the school asked. I really wanted to go to one school, so I spent extra time really tailoring my statement to that school. I spent a considerable amount of time on all my statements tbh, but I put the most amount of work into my top school. I doubt my referees read each personal statement since they were all somewhat similar and since there were 13 lol, but I gave all of them to each of my referees anyways. Also, one of my profs had a specific procedure for requesting reference letters so I would recommend just asking them / giving them a heads up a few weeks before you actually send them any materials.
  3. I pretty much applied everywhere since I had a not particularly competitive GPA. I didn't apply to UoT, UNB, McGill and Lakehead as I didn't think I had a good chance or because I didn't want to live +/or practice there. During the application process, I wasn't confident in my ability to gauge my chances, which is why I over-applied. But, I recognize that I'm lucky to be in a position where I was financially able to do so in order to have a bit more peace of mind. For reference letters, I made up a personalized application package for each of my referees, which included steps on how to submit, the deadlines and all of my application materials. Since two of my referees were submitting 5-7 letters, I gave them about 6 weeks - just in case they needed more time. They both submitted within a week of me dropping off the instructions, but said they appreciated the offer of extra time given the volume of references. (Also, when I asked them for law references, I had asked them to write letters for grad school maybe 4 months prior lol. I felt kind of bad, but they all said they really didn't mind having to submit that many!)
  4. I also had 2 Ws and still got acceptances from 5 schools around November / December!
  5. I would 100% agree with this (I went to Dal for undergrad)! For off-campus, most people live in the South End or around Quinpool (both are quite near to Sobeys / Superstore and are about 10-15 minute walk from campus, as KDB550 said). If you're interested in living closer to downtown, then South End is your best bet. There are quite a few places around Queen St / Barrington St / South Park St, which are only about 5-10 minutes from downtown. If you don't mind being farther from downtown, and would like to be in a bit more of an eclectic area, look at Quinpool (the area between Coburg Road and Quinpool is largely students).
  6. Accepted this morning! Got an email to check uoZone cGPA: 3.53 L2: 3.56 LSAT: 160, 164 Unsure if I'll be accepting!
  7. Waitlisted today! General. In queue since Nov 9th. LSAT: 164 cGPA: 3.53 L2: 3.56 Will be withdrawing my application!
  8. Waitlisted today! Self calculated index: 91.13. LSAT: 164 cGPA with drops: 82% Will be withdrawing my application!
  9. Great thank you for your help!
  10. Hello! Just wondering for those who have or are planning on accepting your offer, what do they mean by 'emailed acceptance letter'? I don't see any particular letter / form attached that I should fill out. Do they just mean an original letter from us indicating that we are accepting the offer? Thanks!
  11. Accepted today! cGPA: 3.53 / 4 L2: 3.56 / 4 B2: 3.8 / 4 LSAT: 160, 164 MSc in progress: cGPA 65% on a UK scale ( ~ 3.7 / 4) Will be declining!
  12. I had to submit my grades late since my university takes +1.5 months to issue transcripts. OLSAS says that they'll forward through grades whenever they get them. The deadline issue isn't with them per se, but rather with the schools. I would email the Ontario schools and let them know your transcript might be coming in late! Also, if you're in grad studies and applied to Osgoode, they don't need grad transcripts / your application isn't affected by missing the Feb 1 deadline.
  13. Accepted today. General category. cGPA: 4.15 / 4.5 with drops. LSAT: 160, 164. Will be declining!
  14. Accepted Jan 24th via email. cGPA: 3.53 / 4 Drop 18: 3.71 / 4 LSAT: 164, 160 General category. Submitted application on November 24 (don't remember when it switched to Forwarded for Review).
  15. I don't think it impacts your application! I withdrew twice and nothing shows up on my LSAC or on any of my applications.
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