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  1. accepted today via uozone. no email, no update on OLSAS Access cGPA: 3.77 lsat: 154
  2. still waiting under access. my stats: 153 LSAT, 3.75 GPA, identical B2. don't have high hopes of getting accepted but who knows
  3. unfortunately I was really hoping to stay in Ottawa as I have 2 children happily situated in school here!
  4. I didn't even realize that was a possibility. I will definitely look into that. Would I just email LSAC? Sorry for the million questions lol
  5. I am mostly just nervous and reading the "access angst" thread made that 10x worse. I just don't know if access was the best choice at all although I did have access-type barriers. Read your feedback on that thread though and it is helpful for sure.
  6. also applied, no acceptance. wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to to switch to the general stream at this point? stats: 3.75 (I don't know how to find out what my L2 is on OLSAS), lsat 153. Have panic disorder and that was my claim for access as it effected my ability to write and do well on the lsat and intermittently effected school while raising children, but upon reflection I don't know whether it was strategic to apply access.
  7. can you switch to the general category from the access category? I'm having the same worries.
  8. Hey. I am purchasing 7sage to study for the lsat. Does anyone who has taken it have any recommendations as to which package to go with? I was thinking the LSAT Premium but any suggestions would be helpful! B
  9. Thank you for the feedback! I am going to study by but off for the next few weeks. My preference is Osgoode for sure so I glad to see you say that lol.
  10. Not sure if I should be creating a new post or if there is an existing thread, perhaps someone can lmk if that is the case. Any idea what my chances are with a 3.8 cGPA/3.84L2/3.86B2/154 lsat for (first choice) Ontario schools minus UOttawa. I do plan on re-writing the lsat in September and will be applying in the fall. I will be self-studying over the summer. My current lsat score was taken without any studying or PTs prior to taking it (was not my intention, just happened that way) so I expect at least a small increase. I am undecided about exactly which type of law I'd like to specialize in but I know which I definitely do not want: corporate, business, IP. My interests are more social justice, environmental, criminal, indigenous, family... I'd ideally want to remain in Ontario but not Ottawa and would likely also apply to UVic and UBC. Also, I have special circumstances (2 children before 18 yrs of age) so if there are any access categories I may be able to get in this way.
  11. Not even sure if this is the right type of question to ask or the right place to ask it. I wrote my first LSAT in January and was wondering if anyone else who has written it has received their scores yet? The icon on lsac has changed from "not yet available" to "cannot be displayed"... anyone know what this means? Thank you B
  12. is this scale applicable to overall cGPA or per course? sorry, I'm very new
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