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    Really need advice for law school and life

    Thank you very much for all your replies and advice. Honestly I think I was having a bit of a panic attack with finals today. I’m still not sure exactly what I want or am looking for but definitely will try to do more research to get a better picture of what it would be like and entail. Once question for those that understand sfu or law application. How does retaking a class affect gpa? For sfu they say you can retake 5 classes and the better grade will affect your gpa. But how would law school applications see it? Another question that has come up is if decide to pursue a masters or PhD how does that relate to the application to law school? Do they only look at undergrad? Once again thank you so much for the advice it’s very reassuring to have others that can explain the process for me. I’m honestly looking for anyone’s thoughts about anything relating to law or any life advice in general.
  2. Hey so I’ve been a lurker on here for a few months but I’ve finally got to the point where I think I need advice and a lot of questions answered. I have spent 2 years of undergrad at kwantlen polytechnic university for a crim degree ending with a 3.2 gpa. I’ve taken semesters off in between and it has equated too about a year and a bit off. I’ve transferred to Simon Fraser University and basically starting my 3rd year. So far as of the term(s) I’ve done I have a 3.0 - 3.2 gpa. I want to be able to go to ubc law specifically cause I’d rather stay near home(Vancouver) due to family if possible, it’s the only prestigious school I know about, I don’t know about other law schools and how they may affect my resume/reputation. My dream/goal is to become a crown prosecutor and become a judge or maybe teaching later on in life. So that’s the back story now the questions. There are a lot of them cause I don’t think it’s proper to make multiple post and honestly I don’t know anything about law school and am terrified that I have not looked for help seriously till now. Please answer what you can and want too. 1. Main current issue: i want to do coop but it is another year commitment on top of me already being behind a year and a bit. So is it worth it and does it help at all with the law application? With the caveat that I may not get a coop job related to law at all although that is the goal. 2. How would, specifically ubc, law schools calculate my gpa since I’m a transfer student. Do they only look at sfu? Blend of both kpu and sfu? And how drops would affect them? Do I chose which courses they look at? 3. I know my gpa is not good enough atm for ubc law and i will try my best to improve on it with the reaminging years I have. But, if it isn’t good enough. What can I do? Retake classes at sfu or kpu and how would they affect the gpa: average grade/replacement of grade? 4. I know a little bit about the lsat but honestly don’t know where to start at all. When do I do it? How do I start? How/when/where to prepare? If my score not good enough what can I do? Retake it, work experience, increase gpa by retaking courses? 5. What other law schools within B.C can you recommend and why they would be a good alternative? Would it affect my learning or my reputation or strength of my resume if it’s less well known school? 6. Any life advice in general or related to being a law school applicant. I feel that I don’t have any knowledge going into this and have no one to talk too or look to for advice. I feel afraid and confuse as to where to start or what to do to the point that it affects me. Yeah that’s all there is atm but I know there is still more so if you think there is anything important I should know please let me know. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this long post and any answers or advice you may leave, even just your thoughts are fine I really have no one to talk too about these matters and unsure who would even to be help me in depth.