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  1. I havn't been, but I mean that doesn't sound too bad. I am also single LOL so thats kind of a factor. I want to be able to get out and meet new people while I'm at school. What was your experience on the gold coast? did you live there or were you just visiting?
  2. I totally agree with you on those points. My best friend was happy for me. She did not get into a Canadian law school, as she didn't write her LSAT. I think I have made my decision to attend TRU:) Thank you all for the wonderful input
  3. except that temperature and social life in kamloops will be 100x worse than living in warm temperature of the gold coast where there would much more diversity LOL other than that, i guess TRU is better in all other aspects
  4. thanks a tonne! after being waitlisted for the second year and just recently getting accepted, I was getting quite warm to the idea of attending Bond and practicing law here in Canada. I think TRU is my best bet.
  5. Hi all, I have been offered admission to both TRU and Bond University (Australia). I am from Vancouver. I am in a slight dilemma about which school to attend as both offer their own perks. I was wondering if I could get some objective input from this thread. For TRU: *close to home *WAY cheaper *Canadian law school prestige Bond: * Experience of moving across the world * my best friend would be going with me *only 2 years opposed to 3 here any help or personal experience would help tonnes. Thanks
  6. accepted this morning off waitlist 155 lsat 3.8/4.33 cgpa good luck to all others
  7. I was just added to the waitlist
  8. just got waitlisted 3.7 CGPA 155 LSAT
  9. hey all, I have yet to hear anything back from MvGill. My Minerva status still states "ready for review". Any one else on the same boat?
  10. anyone else hear anything back? got an email saying waitlist is closed
  11. Has anyone been able to contact Leanne today?
  12. Does anyone know what would be the chances of someone getting in at this point who’s sitting at around #35 on the waitlist?
  13. hey guys, so im a little confused. how is everyone being notified of their ranking? i have only been told my ranking today for the first time since the very first email i got in april... even though i had emailed and called several times throughout the summer.
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