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  1. Prestige wise, not much. OP may be misinformed.
  2. So your LOC was only showing up at the specific branch where it was granted, and not other RBC locations or online banking? Did I get this correct?
  3. Yeah, the Osgoode - York thing throws a lot of people off. The way to think about it though is that they are essentially independent of one another. Osgoode was forced by the provincial government to align themselves with York in the late 60’s, but to this day Osgoode essentially acts as its own school, and many students and faculty refuse to acknowledge they are at York and prefer to just say they are at Osgoode Hall.
  4. I did not sign in Ottawa. I am not sure what we should do. I’ve already asked once, and was told it should have been available by the end of last week. Have you sent any follow up emails? Care to share without revealing anything about your identity?
  5. Osgoode > Western. Don’t get me wrong, Western Law is arguably one of the top 5 schools in Canada.... but, Osgoode is arguably one of the top 2/3.
  6. Yeah, I am still waiting on mine as of noon today (Wednesday). Not sure what is going on.
  7. I think for many prospective, current, and past students, “future economic prospects” is likely a very massive factor in their choosing a law school.... Also, it isn’t just “a couple banks”... it’s the two largest companies in the entire country...
  8. I just think this discussion is becoming a bit silly. I am sorry if anyone’s sensibilities are offended, but saying rankings don’t matter at all, or that it is “impossible” to rank Canadian law schools is just patently false. The fact of the matter is that prospective law students visit this board and deserve an honest account of how the schools stack up against one another. It benefits nobody to claim that a JD from Windsor Law or Ottawa Law or Thompson River Law will carry the same weight as a JD from U of T, Osgoode Hall, or McGill. Yes, of course it is true that someone who finished second in their class at Windsor will likely make more money, have more opportunities, and a generally easier life than someone who finishes second last in their class at U of T. But on the *aggregate* students who hold JD’s from U of T, Osgoode, UBC, McGill, Western etc will be *generally* better off than those with JD’s from Windsor, Ottawa, Lakehead, TRU, Calgary, etc. If rankings don’t matter, then again, why would Canada’s two largest financial institutions (and two largest companies) rank them? Why would TD Bank make the distinction between UBC and TRU? Osgoode Hall and Lakehead? These banks not only rank the schools, but they do so transparently and all it takes to get their rankings is a five minute phone call. With that said, it must also be made clear that a JD from ANY Canadian law school is solid. We are not nearly in the same boat as the USA or Britian where there can be a massive disparity between the top schools and the worst. Like much of post-secondary in Canada, the quality of our schools is far more closer to parity than it is in other parts of the world. Love where you went to school, but let’s keep honesty as part of the discussion!
  9. No, UBC is not more well known than either Osgoode or U of T. In fact, one could make the argument that Osgoode is better known internationally than even U of T due to the prestige and history of the law school, even though U of T may have a slightly higher reputation within Canada proper. It may not be fair, but international name recognition of Canadian law schools is likely Osgoode > U of T > McGill > UBC. All are very good schools though, and you won’t go wrong attending any of them.
  10. That’s odd as I have heard something to the opposite - it is near impossible to not get approval for students attending say, U of T or Osgoode, where it can be more challenging to get approval for say, Thompson River. I could be wrong though. Didn’t mean to stir the pot, but that’s just how our major Canadian financial institutions “rank” the schools. Meant no offence by posting it, just thought it may be illuminating for the topic at hand.
  11. Yes I agree. Scotiabank has a very strong finance offer for law students nonetheless, and I am very happy with their terms regardless, but it still would be super great to have that 24 month grace period *after* articling promise honoured. I am sure it will all work itself out though, they seem to be very customer oriented so perhaps it is just an honest oversight.
  12. Jumping in on the original ranking discussion. This could be unpopular, but it’s late at night so the heck with it. The fairest way to rank, in Canada, IMO, isn’t straight rankings, but rankings as most of the major banks do in groups (in regards to their LOC’s). Group A: University of Toronto, Osgoode Hall Law School, McGill University, University of British Columbia Group B: Queens University, Western University, University of Alberta Group C: Everyone Else** **Group D: Thompson River University, Lakehead University source: RBC, TD Bank
  13. That is a tad unsettling. Can you do us all a favour and hang on to that email back and forth? I would not ask you to reveal your identity, but I would ask that you keep those emails and keep this forum account in memory, just in case we have to all touch base on this subject in a couple years. I too have email records of the 24 month promise, but I do not have an explicit back and forth email exchange like yourself. I am sure it will be fine, but it is probably wise to have some records of this, especially since the legal document we signed states something else.
  14. Jumping in on this thread. I am in the same boat. I was told we had a 24 month grace period, but my program end date (including articling, which isn’t even possible) is listed as 2021, and payments start 12 months after, so that doesn’t exactly lend to the 24 month promise. What would you guys suggest I do? Is this just a verbal agreement? I have already signed my paperwork, so am I out of luck now?
  15. Perfect. That makes me feel alot better. If that’s the case than my experience is still well within the timeline outlined by yourself. Guess I just need to relax a little bit . (It’s tough to do so with so many moving parts on my end, as I am sure is the same for all incoming new students). Thanks for the help!
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