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  1. Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply. I really appreciate it!
  2. Just to clarify - I was definitely planning on telling someone. When I asked about vacation days I meant did you need to take days off before the exam to study or did you just study around your work schedule? There is no way to hide failing one of the exams. I am just curious to see how people approached this (who they told, etc) and how they studied while articling.
  3. Hi all, New to this website and wanted to give this a shot. I passed 1/2 exams and need to write one of them again in November. I wanted to see if anyone was in a similar situation, as it is difficult to find people who have gone through this (no one really talks about it openly). If so, how did you approach telling your firm? I guess all your colleagues would find out too if you take that day off? Did you take vacation days, or study around your work schedule? Any information would be great. Feeling pretty lost and have no idea how to approach this now as I’m articling at a fairly large firm and do not want this to affect my hire-back chances or time there. Thanks.