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  1. @CleanHands @PsychometronicOn the same note, could you guys speak a bit more to LSLAP for credit? Pros? Cons? Thanks!
  2. I think all the comments raised good points with merit. I love the direct approach but that is definitely not the same for all, and certainly not on an anonymous forum (as @justanotherapplicant already outlined). On that note, I am happy you shared your experience @justanotherapplicant. It's important. Regardless, we are all more or less on the same page: be kind, balance direct with gentle, and keep approaching posts with the primary intention of helping each other out. Particularly applicable given current events.
  3. Hey all, I have been using this forum for some time now and have learned a great deal through it from everybody. But I have recently come to notice a trend - comments are generally becoming more snarky, pointed, and for the lack of a better term, more aggressive. The veterans on this forum know quite a bit and it's awesome that they spend the time to share their knowledge and experience with everyone else. New users as well. But perhaps all of us can be a bit friendlier towards other posters. Sometimes certain questions or comments might sound annoying/dumb, etc, particularly for those who may be further in their legal education or career. Yes, we also get the odd trolls as well but the mods do a great job on that front. Perhaps this thread comes across as a waste of time as well, in which case the mods can lock it. But I just thought I'd share my thoughts on what I have observed, especially as we are all interested in a profession that has the fair or unfair reputation of being cold, cut throat, etc. Being a bit gentler might inspire some others who are on the fence to chime in more, which will almost certainly lead to a more inclusive and helpful board. That being said, I am certainly not a know-it-all and hope this message does not translate as such. As mentioned, I love the wealth of info that is often shared here. It is a great resource, so thanks! Cheers!
  4. Yes, your CGPA is based on your undergrad. They will mainly consider your Masters as a ‘soft’ factor. Difficult to tell how much weight it truly carries in the process.
  5. Admissions does the GPA calculation for you, so you just need to submit your full transcript(s).
  6. Are you studying law in the UK? That may be an important detail to add.
  7. Would you be willing to share the piece they sent? Thanks!
  8. Discretionary applications will not hear back till the end of May. Students who apply Discretionary are considered under General as well, and if the application is good enough, they get accepted under General first.
  9. Schools legitimately send offers up till the end of the first week of classes in September. I know the wait is crippling and you might have to face the reality of being in this position not for weeks, but *months*. But it means that it can still pay off by September, so do your best to hang on folks. You all have a shot. Best of luck.
  10. Exactly. This is why the school/law student society will run their own "official" Facebook group when they decide to create it later in the cycle.
  11. I think you have a decent shot at TRU, but whether it'll be through a straight offer or waitlist is much tougher to guess.
  12. This is considered to be basically mid-cycle, if that. Keep in mind that offers go out (in extreme cases) till the first week of classes, so it is way too early to be concerned/panic, although I totally understand the feeling. Best of luck to you all!
  13. I can speak to the second question more. There is no provisional acceptance for Dal. You either accept or decline/let the offer expire. But in terms of admissions, it's hard to tell. The school's closed and everybody's working from home for the time being, as is the case with other schools.
  14. He’s obviously referring to the wording for each.
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