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  1. This is considered to be basically mid-cycle, if that. Keep in mind that offers go out (in extreme cases) till the first week of classes, so it is way too early to be concerned/panic, although I totally understand the feeling. Best of luck to you all!
  2. I can speak to the second question more. There is no provisional acceptance for Dal. You either accept or decline/let the offer expire. But in terms of admissions, it's hard to tell. The school's closed and everybody's working from home for the time being, as is the case with other schools.
  3. He’s obviously referring to the wording for each.
  4. Would anyone be willing to do one for Dal (whether for or against)? Thanks!
  5. Could anyone do a reasons to and not to for TRU? Thanks in advance.
  6. On the bright side, you would've been correct had you been referring to US schools!
  7. Two of the top pieces of advice you hear around here is ‘go to school where you want to practice’, and to a lesser extent, ‘pick the best school you’ve been accepted to’. So, is there a consensus as to which carries more weight, particularly as it relates to TRU and Ottawa? Thanks!
  8. Interested in this as well!
  9. If that had happened in my life, I have no idea where I’d be, but I can tell you I’d have nowhere near a 3.7 and close to a law school acceptance like you are. This feels like crap and I can empathize to an extent (I have gone through my own share of rough). But be proud of yourself for coming out of it on the other side the way you have. If you *want* to and have the ability, apply again because I think you will get in. If not, remember that a JD isn’t everything; you know that better than anyone, having faced the adversity you’ve overcome. Best of luck with whatever choice you make.
  10. Yes, that was a generic email that was sent to everyone who was being considered for one. If you didn’t hear back from them after though, it means unfortunately you weren’t chosen for it.
  11. I’m accepted and not waiting like they are, but if I was waiting and my entire life was on hold with the complications that come with that, I’d feel the exact same way. And so would you. So your response is entirely unnecessary and ignorant.
  12. Not to hijack this thread, but as a fellow Vancouverite hopeful, is there a clear choice in terms of picking a school like TRU over some other further options (i.e. Ottawa, Dalhousie, etc)? What would folks recommend? Thanks!
  13. They are pulling off the waitlist but how many depends on what the folks with the current offers do with theirs. That said, the class is almost basically full, so I wonder why they’re still waitlisting people. They already have quite a few in the queue.
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