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  1. Most likely they will use L2 GPA x 22.5 + LSAT average.😂
  2. He / she goes to UBC: https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/61189-uvic-vs-ubc/?tab=comments#comment-822187
  3. Calculate you AGPA then find out what LSAT score you need for Manitoba: https://umanitoba.ca/student/admissions/media/law_bulletin.pdf For UofA you need 162 LSAT.
  4. Hmm a little bit odd. You will get in next round if your PS is fine.
  5. Your chances are very good. But what are your actual stats? https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/60665-161-lsat-375-l2-35-cgpa/?tab=comments#comment-824635
  6. Because Osgoode has all Ontario law schools admissions data.
  7. Don't think it is OLSAS GPA. The source is from: https://spaces.osgoode.yorku.ca/?q=system/files/faculty_council_-_april_3_2017_-_agenda_materials_revised4.pdf But the link doesn't work anymore.
  8. Should be much more. Ottawa gave out more than 900 offers in 2016 cycle: CGPA range 3.67 – 4.33 3.34 – 3.66 3.01 – 3.33 2.67 – 3.00 0.01 – 2.66 Registered / Offered 89/332 161/406 81/138 31/43 9/12
  9. My suggestions: 1. get a higher LSAT then you have a shot at Manitoba (if your AGPA is around 3.4 you have a very good chance with 165 LSAT): https://umanitoba.ca/student/admissions/media/law_bulletin.pdf 2. work for 5 years then apply in mature category. 3. get a paralegal diploma and work for some years then apply in mature category. 4. go to a foreign law school (US or UK).
  10. Congratulations! What is your L2/B2 GPA, by the way?
  11. Here you go: https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/40901-ubc-chances-in-torontobaystreet/
  12. Your chances are still slim for Queens in General category. Your best chance is Manitoba. Hope you applied.
  13. Congrats All! So far looks like Ryerson prefers high GPA splitters (like a second tier of Ottawa). 🙄
  14. Your chance is very good: http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/UBC/Predict
  15. Calculate your index score: https://umanitoba.ca/student/admissions/media/law_bulletin.pdf You may get in directly from general category if your AGPA is above 3.8 / 4.5.
  16. You are in: http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/UBC/Predict
  17. You have a shot at Manitoba: https://umanitoba.ca/student/admissions/media/law_bulletin.pdf
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