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  1. Really happy for you! Congratulations!👍 And the doubt should be cleared. No worries.
  2. Did you get in the first round? If not you will get a call tomorrow. Good luck!👍
  3. Confirmed that the offers will be granted to the first 200 applicants who log onto the system right after 12:01 am tonight.😂
  4. Make your B2 above 3.3 then you have a very good chance in Access category. Good luck!
  5. You have a chance but depending on your PS and ECs. UofT doesn't consider references.
  6. One person was admitted last cycle in May with: cGPA: 3.0 L2: 3.7 LSAT: 156, 161 https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/57135-accepted-to-queens-2019/page/7/#comments You will be in.
  7. You are (or will be) lawyers or judges but right now I am really disappointed with your judgement.
  8. Are you kidding? I did have some doubt about Ryerson's low LSAT standard (may be not since we can only see a portion of the data on this forum) on their admissions but I do praise them for opening new doors / opportunities and I do sincerely congratulate people admitted!
  9. "Lawyers need real-world experience to meet real-world challenges, which is why our Juris Doctor (JD) program includes a mandatory professional placement, as well as immersive bootcamps designed to teach students everything from coding to business skills." https://www.ryerson.ca/content/dam/law/law-brochure-web.pdf Coming to programming world you need to know a little bit about Binary and how computers work: Binary is a numeric system that only uses two digits — 0 and 1. Computers operate in binary, meaning they store data and perform calculations using only zeros and ones. In programming 1 and 0 also can be used as "true" and "false". So 1 and 0 are big / important / essential numbers. Ryerson teaches Python coding courses. If you have the luck to study in Ryerson law school it is the great opportunity to learn Python programming. Get excited and be prepared!😃 Congratulations to everyone admitted to Ryerson!👍
  10. I remember that Queens used to order files by cGPA (not sure if it is changed to B2 now) and Average LSAT score although they admit applicants by their B2 and highest LSAT score. If so by the time they reach a low cGPA or/and low average LSAT score applicant's file the class may be full already even the applicant has competitive B2 and LSAT. In this situation the best result for that applicant is to be wait-listed.
  11. Apparently you guys don't get what I meant - I was saying Ryerson will teach Python programming (coding bootcamp) and he / she is a big number there. Congratulations again!
  12. Now you get a chance to learn Python. Congratulations! You are still a number, either 1 (true) or 0 (false).😂
  13. You can just email Rose to ask your status and indicate your desire for going to DAL. Most likely she will give you good news. Good luck!
  14. They don't need to read the OP's PS to know his / her engineering background.
  15. They know you will get into Ontario schools. You should let them know you will definitely go to DAL if admitted.
  16. I guess that the OP is either from STEM background or something special. Otherwise he / she won't get in with 3.1 L2.
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