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  1. No guarantee to any school in Ontario. I suggest that you apply to UNB ASAP (Its application deadline is March 1st).
  2. OP should apply to some schools outside of Ontario as well. https://lawstudents.ca/forums/profile/31659-fatphil/ https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/62270-chances-lsat-172-cgpa-275-3-lors-one-from-trustee-of-annual-prize-at-a-law-school/?tab=comments#comment-835140
  3. Moncton law school is a common law school taught entirely in French, right?
  4. I decided to put one school into tier 4 and tossed a dice. Then Lakehead was chosen.😂
  5. My rankings: Tier 1: UofT, McGill, UBC, Osgoode Tier 2: UVic, Queens, Western, Ottawa, DAL, UofA, UofC Tier 3: UNB, TRU, Windsor, Ryerson, Manitoba, UofS Tier 4: Lakehead
  6. TRU has OCI in both BC and Ontario (Toronto).
  7. The University of Calgary. You may still have a chance for UVic if your cGPA is above 3.5 after drops.
  8. Congratulations! I know you will get in! Really happy for you! https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/63584-mature-student-chances-cgpa-28-l2-34-b3-32-166/?tab=comments#comment-859945
  9. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2484224/mediaviewer/rm2048796672/
  10. If the applicant has completed three years (or equivalent), the lowest 15% of the grades are excluded from the calculation of the applicant’s GPA; if the applicant has completed four or more years (or equivalent), the lowest 25% are excluded; if an applicant is currently in their final year of a four year degree program, the lowest 25% will be excluded. https://www.unb.ca/fredericton/law/admissions/first-year/admissions-requirements.html
  11. Also UNB and Manitoba drop 25% of your undergraduate grades in their GPA calculation. Those should be good for you.
  12. This may help: https://law.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/2/gpa-faq.pdf
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