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  1. NeverGiveUp

    Chances Western, Queens Law? [3.61, 3.85]

    Chances are great if you get 160+ LSAT.
  2. Please see below from Dal: https://www.dal.ca/campus_life/academic-support/grades-and-student-records/grade-scale-and-definitions.html
  3. NeverGiveUp

    OLSAS Transcript Request Question

  4. NeverGiveUp

    For those with grad school

    The Admission GPA is calculated using the applicant's most recent 60 units/credits (equivalent to 2 years of full time study) in a recognized university degree (undergraduate or graduate), provided those units of course weight are completed by February 1st in the year in which admission is sought. This is the minimum number of units/credits or courses that will be used in the assessment of an applicant's GPA. https://www.ualberta.ca/law/prospective-students/juris-doctor/admissions/admissions-process However UofA may evaluates foreign transcript differently: Can I submit my transcript through an evaluation service? We do not suggest using a transcript evaluation service (such as WES) as the University of Alberta is equipped to verify and evaluate your transcript. https://www.ualberta.ca/law/prospective-students/juris-doctor/admissions/faq
  5. NeverGiveUp

    Mature student chances [2.5 cGPA, 170 lsat]

    Mature applicants: Generally, the Committee requires, as a minimum, an accumulation of five or more years of experience in a candidate's particular field of endeavour. https://www.dal.ca/faculty/law/programs/jd-admissions/admission-requirements.html
  6. NeverGiveUp

    Mature student chances [2.5 cGPA, 170 lsat]

    With 170 LSAT your chances are great if you qualify for mature category: https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/50756-mature-applicants-acceptedrejected-2018/
  7. NeverGiveUp

    Chances [3.9 GPA and 171 LSAT]

    Don't even need to ask - in all of them unless you screw your application. 😊
  8. Your L2 is 3.81 / 4.0, right? I assume after converting it to 4.3 scale it is 3.85 / 4.3. So (3.85 / 4.3 * 0.6) + (157 - 120) / 60 * 0.4 = 0.78 < 0.80 You are not competitive for Dal. But you may still get in with an interview if your extra-curricular / work experience is strong. Good luck!
  9. NeverGiveUp

    Chances? CGPA: 3.78 Highest LSAT: 157

    Did you apply last cycle with the same stats?
  10. NeverGiveUp

    Chances? CGPA: 3.78 Highest LSAT: 157

    Ottawa will give out close to 1000 offers (around 35% offer rate).
  11. NeverGiveUp


    In if your cGPA is above 3.5 / 4.0.
  12. NeverGiveUp

    Chances for Fall 2019 [3.8, 158]

    Did you ever think about UBC? Calculate your GPA after drops - you may get into there.
  13. NeverGiveUp

    Chances for Fall 2019 [3.8, 158]

    You are good for Ottawa and Queens. You may get wait-listed in Oz and Western - so rewrite to get 160+ LSAT.
  14. NeverGiveUp

    Chances for Fall 2019 [3.8, 158]

    In Ottawa, Queens, most likely Osgoode as well. Western - Maybe. Not sure about Windsor and Lakehead.
  15. NeverGiveUp

    Natural Disaster/Accommodation

    Sorry to hear that but looks like the deadline is strict: https://forum.powerscore.com/lsat/viewtopic.php?t=6914 So please don't miss the registration deadline for January test. Good luck!