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  1. NeverGiveUp

    Chances - General : B2 OLSAS 3.74, LSAT 159

    For general category, yes. Queen's was a L2 school but changed to B2. Western and Queen's were both L2 schools but if you have a close look into their acceptances in the past you can see Queen's focused more on CGPA than Western.
  2. NeverGiveUp

    Chances - General : B2 OLSAS 3.74, LSAT 159

    What is your CGPA? Queen's likes 3.3+ CGPA. Definitely re-write if you can get a better LSAT.
  3. NeverGiveUp

    Chances? Rough cGPA

    Did you graduate or will you graduate next year? Either way you will get in next cycle regardless Access or General. Good luck!
  4. NeverGiveUp

    Chances? Rough cGPA

    You will get in Western and Queen's I think. When did you get 172, by the way?
  5. What is your L2 GPA? DAL doesn't drop any credits though. And its Mature category needs 5 year work experience: Generally, the Committee requires, as a minimum, an accumulation of five or more years of experience in a candidate's particular field of endeavour. https://www.dal.ca/faculty/law/programs/jd-admissions/admission-requirements.html Being said that DAL does consider your work experience. https://cdn.dal.ca/content/dam/dalhousie/pdf/law/Admissions/201809_law_infosheets_FAQ_web.compressed.pdf
  6. NeverGiveUp

    Chances??? [3.72, 157]

    You may have a shot at U of C, U of S and Queen's. And you may get into DAL through their interview process since you have strong government work experience (how many years, by the way?).
  7. NeverGiveUp

    Chances??? [3.72, 157]

    What is your CGPA?
  8. In Ottawa, Queen's, Western and Calgary.
  9. NeverGiveUp

    LSAT re-write opinion needed

    In Ottawa and Queen's.
  10. Did you graduate? If you graduated you will be automatically put into general category. Discretionary will consider other factors so it is not easier to get in. So get your GPA to above 77% or LSAT to 175+.
  11. In or wait-list at Ottawa.
  12. NeverGiveUp

    Chances LSAT 160 and, cGPA 3.65

    You are in Ottawa, Calgary and maybe Queen's as well. Since you have good ECs you have a shot at OZ and Western.
  13. NeverGiveUp

    Chances LSAT 160 and, cGPA 3.65

    Believe or not Windsor is hard to get in, even harder than other Ontario schools.😃
  14. NeverGiveUp

    Chances - 3.13/3.66/160

    Your year is among the most competitive years: https://www.ouac.on.ca/statistics/law-school-application-statistics/
  15. NeverGiveUp

    Chances? LSAT 161 cGPA 3.61

    So they give more weight to B2. 3.3 3.8 B2 may get in with 161 LSAT 3.6 3.6 B2 may not get in with 161 LSAT. 3.8 B2 is competitive while 3.6 B2 is not. General Category Your academic record and LSAT score are weighed most heavily in this category. The other Admissions Philosophy criteria are weighed carefully in making distinctions between applicants who are equally competitive on these bases. Competitive applicants should have at least an “A-” average (GPA 3.7) in their best two years of their undergraduate degree program at a full course load along with an LSAT score of at least 157. For a student who does not have two years at full course load (ie. at part-time load), more emphasis will be placed on their CGPA, as calculated by OLSAS, which should be at least a 3.3. https://law.queensu.ca/admissions/jd/admissions-process/first-year/admission-categories