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  1. Would these connections assist you in some way if you were to stay out West? Maybe. It's up to you to decide if that's sufficiently valuable to out-prioritize your desire to move. Although, these relationships might not matter as much as you seem to think they do. I should know; I'm best friends with Bill Gates ($100b+ net worth).
  2. Implying one should only discuss an issue if they have the power to change it? Also, some of the people discussing these issues may, in the future, have some of the power necessary to make change. I can't think of a group more likely to wield some of that power in the future than law students/lawyers.
  3. To add onto this idea of indirect nepotism, I think growing up with a lawyer/business executive in the family certainly helps with the "fit" aspect of hiring practices. I'm certain it's easier to go to a cocktail and come off as a confident and controlled individual when you've experienced these kinds of networking events through a parent or family member. Even if you haven't been to a networking event per se, you've had years of experience discussing/being around professional people. All though, is that really nepotism? This is not to take away from those who were hired and have lawyers in the family at all. But I do think it's understandable that someone with a more "blue-collar" upbringing may experience more difficulty at the cocktail reception stage of the game. Thoughts?
  4. This thread is what I imagine watching reality TV feels like: I'm not invested or connected to any of the parties whatsoever, but I can't help but stay engaged.
  5. I have nothing of value to add to this thread. Except that Lakehead is the true Harvard of the north and also the best law school in Canada the world.
  6. To respond in such a fashion (without substantive argument) is entirely useless in changing the opposition's view and fails to assist others that read and may be persuaded by his or her stance. Thus, I think responses such as yours should generally be discouraged... However, I completely agree with you. What a convoluted, nonsensical argument.
  7. While perhaps you've spotted a recent trend (which some lawyers argue operates in a cyclical manner), the health of a firm specializing in insurance defence depends on, unsurprisingly, the clients that the firm maintains, as well as whether the firm specializes further than insurance defence. Are firms that do generic AB and small/medium scale tort files being squeezed out in favour of in-house? Likely. However, something else to consider: it seems that there are many smaller mutual insurers that are not large enough to staff an in-house team, providing great opportunities for private counsel. It seems that the firms that are feeling the crunch in insurance defence are the myriad of downtown toronto firms that are fighting over the same clients and attempting to justify ridiculous hourly billings while doing so. There are many other reasons for Hughes Amys and Lawson "crashing and burning" which I choose not to divulge here. However, when you consider the fact that the vast majority of counsel from those firms are currently employed at other private firms (practicing insurance defence), there is some reason to doubt your somewhat apocalyptic outlook re: private practice insurance defence.
  8. If I worked on Bay St, I would save as much money as possible to move off of Bay St as quickly as possible. If I were making a Bay St salary outside of Bay St, I would invest in property and help my immediate family members with financial burdens. I'd also like to travel to Japan/Switzerland/Spain with my girlfriend. And of course, I'd buy a pair of those ridiculous thick-soled shoes to flex on everyone. For reference: https://www.versace.com/us/en-us/men/shoes/2chain-reaction-sneakers-d43/DSU7526-D12TG_D43.html?cgid=230000#start=1
  9. Yes, middle finger, pointed directly at the most senior partner to assert dominance.
  10. "I'm just going to stick with water/perrier/chocolate milk/gasoline, but thanks for offering!"
  11. Our civil procedure class was decently fun. As far as drafting, we drafted the usual pleadings and then put together a motion record. Every week in second term was spent with a local member of the civil lit bar doing direct/cross examinations, introducing evidence, witness prep, and finally a four-hour trial. To get back on track - you can also use Westlaw and search through the pleadings to find accurate precedents if you can't find any at your firm.
  12. TdK

    Suits For Men

    Do you plan on wearing 1 pair of dress shoes everyday? If so, you might as well match the two. In the highly likely case that you will wear more than 1 pair of shoes, I wouldn't worry at all about this. I doubt anyone else cares.
  13. I wrote and passed the 2019 June licensing exams. I echo the sentiment above re: more time = more procrastination. For myself, the four weeks from receiving materials to writing the barrister felt like too much time. I would say I studied 6 hours a day, some days less. I didn't receive the materials until about 10 days after ordering (if you're not going to pick the materials up and live in Thunder Bay, or somewhere similarly far away, expect the same delay). IIRC, I read estates/wills before the barrister exam, which certainly helped for the two weeks of hell that is studying the business and real estate materials. I'd suggest reflecting and being honest with respect to what kind of exam writer you are. If you're fairly confident in your multiple choice exam writing, don't psyche yourself out; buckle down, read (most) of the material, and be thankful when it's over. Read PR carefully and try to fully understand those materials.
  14. As a newly-minted first year associate, which area of practice would you say lawyers draft facta most frequently? Criminal? Family? I'm in civil litigation and while I enjoy the work, I do wish there were more opportunities to write a solid factum.
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