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  1. How many files do you anticipate bringing in? I know nothing about your situation, but assuming you're not one with numerous connections off the hop, counter with 0% of the new files but higher salary.
  2. I don't think there's anything unethical about applying for the benefit for the month of May. I'd rather not go down the deep, multi-tunnel rabbit hole of what actions are right versus wrong and why. No one is that bored.
  3. I'm making $42,000,000 a day selling my body. Take that, losers.
  4. I also sense a firm but fair smackdown approaching from the lord himself..
  5. Are you daddy's little litigator?
  6. I'm all for having useless debates, but I'm always confused at the dedication people put into nepotism discussions. Does it really matter? The best of the best rise up. They smack daddy's little litigator out of the courtroom the moment arguments begin. Many of the best litigators in our legal history were not people with connections. Is it frustrating that nepotism might help a dolt rise up to partner earning $750k a year on Bay Street? Depends on how you look at success and a legal career generally. If your primary motive is money, sure, I can see that as frustrating. If it's more important to be a respected advocate, not at all.
  7. *harveyspecter993 walks into a downtown Toronto club (named The Hungry Koala or something similarly ridiculous)* harveyspecter993: hey ladies, I'm a lawyer 😎 *harveyspecter993 sits inside a Little Caesars gorging a Hot 'N' Ready at 2:15 a.m. wondering why there aren't two Staceys sitting on either side of his Z Zegna suit*
  8. Very unlikely unless a medalist.
  9. Consider the fact that some applicants are 20-years-old when applying to law school. Many are 21 or 22. Does it shock you that some of those people don't research salary expectations at that time? It shouldn't.
  10. Of all the threads to revive from over a month ago, boy am I glad you guys picked this one.
  11. I'm completely sold and ready to become an instagram influencer. Want to be my photographer? It'll be great exposure for you.
  12. I'm claiming that many philosophers would argue that it's not possible to know whether one would enjoy/not enjoy the work of a lawyer without first doing it. Your comment that I initially quoted claimed you don't have to experience being a lawyer to know whether you'd want to be one being one. That one can know their disposition towards an experience without first experiencing it is what some philosophers (followers of Locke's epistemology) would disagree with.
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