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  1. TdK

    Suits For Men

    Username checks out. I'd echo @FineCanadianFXs's advice: with a $300 budget, it's going to be difficult to get something that looks and feels good. Tip-Top carries DKNY - not the greatest suit brand but if you're willing to spend an extra ~$50 bucks, their suits are made to fit skinnier guys like you and I. To be honest, I've gotten more compliments on that damn suit than others I've purchased at more than double the price. https://www.tiptoptailors.ca/en/modern-fit-100-wool-notch-lapel-window-check-suit-p73584/
  2. TdK

    The Sartorial Canon

    They're so ugly, they're cute - like those dogs with no fur and a long snout.
  3. TdK

    Rural lawyering pay

    @lioness My comment was not intended towards you at all. My bad if it came off that way.
  4. TdK

    Rural lawyering pay

    Sincere apologies if you're talking about tiny towns much smaller than some place like Thunder Bay, but dear god, your comment is the reason northerners view those of us from the city as elitist snobs. I imagine this comment coming from someone holding a tiny dog wearing a bow in its hair as they sip some golden bean, peach infused, wheat-grass bullshit to "reinvigorate." Also my bad if your comment is poking fun at that culture.
  5. TdK

    Is TRU a reputable Law School

    I think it's fair to say top students with top LSAT scores will likely do best in law school. I don't think that always translates into practice. For example, becoming a wildly successful personal injury lawyer has less to do with one's genius legal ability than it does with being a business conscious, hardworking and likable person (yes, I know you can't be a total numb-skull and still be a successful P.I lawyer). There are plenty of B- law students who have much greater success in practice than those at the top. Some people don't care to work hard in school, but when they've got a client they turn on the jets. Some people who are gifted academically have a difficult time doing the more mundane work of lawyering that clients nonetheless demand. All that being said, I would imagine that on average top students are more successful lawyers than their less academically successful counterparts. I guess we have to ask what being "successful" in law means.
  6. TdK

    Rural lawyering pay

    Fair enough, city slicker! Haha. The feeling of isolation can be awful.
  7. TdK

    Rural lawyering pay

    FWIW, I find winter months in T-Bay easier to handle than in the south. They're less damp, less snow on average, more to do outdoors, people know how to drive in the winter, etc. But very true, it is highly dependent on your lifestyle. Someone who doesn't enjoy being outside isn't going to enjoy the north.
  8. TdK

    Rural lawyering pay

    Why? I'm not saying I would take the property in T-Bay over the shoe-box in Toronto. In fact, I'm electing to follow the shoe-box in TO route. It would just feel better paying off the debt in T-Bay for a number of reasons (financial, mental health, etc).
  9. TdK

    Rural lawyering pay

    True, but paying off that $100k loan probably feels a hell of a lot nicer while while making modest mortgage payments on a nice 350k home in T-Bay than it does living in a shoebox down TO.
  10. At this point, the only advice anyone can give you is to study hard and work hard to ensure A-level grades and experiences to support your application. Letters of reference will follow if you connect with professors or employers (generally easy to do if you study and work hard). When the time comes, study hard for the LSAT. Once you've done that, people can give you a better understanding of your chances. At present, too much is left up in the air to advise further.
  11. The advice posted above is great. I'll add that no matter where you go to school, so long as you dedicate your time to achieving your goal, you can do it. I know it sounds fluffy, but those who are devoted and intelligent rise to the top, one way or another. Yes, some schools are better connected. Some students get solid jobs due, at least in part, to who they or their family members know. However, if you work hard and separate yourself from the pack, you'll get to where you want to be. I'll mention Lakehead because it's generally forgotten (probably due to being too new and too north) and I chose Lakehead myself. Working in a firm for four months rather than being stuck in class for 3L is great, and better prepares students for the day-to-day practice of law. Now, you have practically zero networking opportunities to get to Toronto, if that's what you're going for. In saying that, I note that myself and a few others landed the coveted downtown TO positions despite our inability to name-drop lawyers or mention a single professor they knew. Those who demonstrate their dedication will succeed, no matter the school. I often joke that Lakehead simply provides an additional challenge. As for what Lakehead is known for? Its inability to keep a dean for more than a couple years, clearly. As others have said, pick a school and perhaps a city that suits you. At the very least, pick a school with a solid pub close by to drown your sorrows. Good luck, OP.
  12. TdK

    Windsor Law - Mandatory Indigenous Law 1L

    As far as I know, Lakehead's 1L mandatory course is Indigenous Legal Traditions. 2L has a mandatory Aboriginal Law course, which is learning law via the traditional case law method. Interesting to see what comes of it.
  13. TdK

    Have to shave

    Slightly off topic - For my photo verification, I brought a black and white selfie with a number of white streaks running through the photo. I took the photo using my iPhone and printed it from my exceptionally old printer the night before. It couldn't have looked worse if I tried. After about 10 minutes of speaking with the head honcho, I was allowed in. Needless to say, I was not in the greatest head space to begin the exam but thankfully focused up fairly quickly. Also needless to say, I was a complete moron in my third year of bachelors.
  14. I was about to comment that this thread needs to be split, it has long since served its purpose.
  15. Dear god that looks brutal. I'm no fashion guru, but the combination of the green tie, off-white jacket, white dress shirt and navy pants is too much. Nothing is working well together here. Maybe I'm too accustomed to simple styles.