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  1. The advice posted above is great. I'll add that no matter where you go to school, so long as you dedicate your time to achieving your goal, you can do it. I know it sounds fluffy, but those who are devoted and intelligent rise to the top, one way or another. Yes, some schools are better connected. Some students get solid jobs due, at least in part, to who they or their family members know. However, if you work hard and separate yourself from the pack, you'll get to where you want to be. I'll mention Lakehead because it's generally forgotten (probably due to being too new and too north) and I chose Lakehead myself. Working in a firm for four months rather than being stuck in class for 3L is great, and better prepares students for the day-to-day practice of law. Now, you have practically zero networking opportunities to get to Toronto, if that's what you're going for. In saying that, I note that myself and a few others landed the coveted downtown TO positions despite our inability to name-drop lawyers or mention a single professor they knew. Those who demonstrate their dedication will succeed, no matter the school. I often joke that Lakehead simply provides an additional challenge. As for what Lakehead is known for? Its inability to keep a dean for more than a couple years, clearly. As others have said, pick a school and perhaps a city that suits you. At the very least, pick a school with a solid pub close by to drown your sorrows. Good luck, OP.
  2. TdK

    Windsor Law - Mandatory Indigenous Law 1L

    As far as I know, Lakehead's 1L mandatory course is Indigenous Legal Traditions. 2L has a mandatory Aboriginal Law course, which is learning law via the traditional case law method. Interesting to see what comes of it.
  3. TdK

    Have to shave

    Slightly off topic - For my photo verification, I brought a black and white selfie with a number of white streaks running through the photo. I took the photo using my iPhone and printed it from my exceptionally old printer the night before. It couldn't have looked worse if I tried. After about 10 minutes of speaking with the head honcho, I was allowed in. Needless to say, I was not in the greatest head space to begin the exam but thankfully focused up fairly quickly. Also needless to say, I was a complete moron in my third year of bachelors.
  4. I was about to comment that this thread needs to be split, it has long since served its purpose.
  5. Dear god that looks brutal. I'm no fashion guru, but the combination of the green tie, off-white jacket, white dress shirt and navy pants is too much. Nothing is working well together here. Maybe I'm too accustomed to simple styles.
  6. TdK

    Suits For Men

    Yes, so long as the stripes are subtle. FWIW, I think you're better off without the stripes as a student / young associate. I personally don't wear pinstripe suits, so someone else can give more in-depth advice.
  7. TdK

    Business Card Etiquette

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo. If you connect with any of them on a more than superficial level, hopefully they'll give you their business card and you can shoot them an email afterwards.
  8. TdK

    Privilege is...

    This thread has been incredibly interesting and thought-provoking. I don't have much to add. I will say that I certainly recognized how many white men and women were attending the cocktail receptions and dinners this past articling recruit. Come to think of it, I only met a couple of non-white individuals (student or lawyer) at these receptions. Yikes. It's almost shameful to admit I didn't realize that until now.
  9. TdK

    Suits For Men

    1. Honestly, kudos to you; that's impressive. 2. Joke's on you, my life savings currently total 42 cents!
  10. TdK

    Suits For Men

    I'm willing to bet a large sum of money that our 1L friend will not fit into his suit properly after a couple years of law school, but I'm no seer!
  11. TdK

    Suits For Men

    I'll preface my answer by saying I've never purchased a suit from Brooks Brothers. $800 all-in? Or $800 plus tax, plus tailoring? Either way, you're spending all of your money on one suit and you're just entering 1L. I definitely wouldn't do that, but if you love the suit, maybe it's worth it. I wouldn't have mentioned my budget, but you seem to understand that was a mistake already. If you're very slender, maybe you can't purchase off the rack. For what it's worth, I am confident I could find a suit that fits your shoulders. Waist measurements are the least of your worries. You can have your pants tailored, and unless you've got a super small waist, finding pants that fit around the waist shouldn't be an issue. If the sales associate meant the mid-section of your suit, many men have that section tailored regardless. For the reasons mentioned above, I don't think this sounds like a good deal. However, my opinion stems from my belief that as long as the suit fits properly, a $400 suit is only going to look marginally (if at all) worse than an $800 suit. Sure, it won't feel as great or breathe as nicely, but you'll still look great. I would take the money you saved and purchase a nice dress shirt, tie, and pair of shoes. Honestly, a pair of nice dress shoes (can never go wrong with a pair of Allen Edmonds) can be just as important as the suit. Hope it works out for you, whichever route you choose!
  12. TdK

    Suits For Men

    You'll obtain the conservative look by wearing a navy / charcoal suit, with a white / pale blue dress shirt and a dark solid / subtle pattern tie. Don't worry so much about being conservative, just ensure your pants aren't tailored too short or your jacket too tight. No shimmer / shine in the suits either, you're not performing in Vegas (to my knowledge)! In addition to Ted Baker, you could look at Jack Victor suits as well. They're great suits that can often be found on sale. Not sure where the closest retailer is in Vancouver, you'd have to check. Also, $100-200 is fairly steep for tailoring. Maybe $100. I tailor in the midsection of my suits, sometimes the sleeves, and the pants. The most I've paid is $80 (mind you, I'm lucky to have a fantastic tailor who charges very reasonable prices). Perhaps you need a bunch of alterations though, in which case that seems reasonable. Work hard and you'll be able to drop $5,000 on a Zegna or Purple Label RL soon enough!
  13. TdK

    Suits For Men

    That's also fair, but I know a number of people that wanted to buy a suit just for law school (moots, impress peers, going to observe court, simply because they're in law school, etc). Even if he's purchasing for interviews, networking events and the like, I don't think it's going to make a meaningful difference whether he wears a $1000 suit or $400 suit. Myself and many others weren't prevented from obtaining jobs DT Toronto (arguably one of the more fashionable locations to work in) despite wearing a $350 suit to all the aforementioned events. If that did prevent one from those opportunities, it's probably best to avoid those people anyway. Let your work / advocacy / personality do the talking, not a needlessly expensive suit. Of course, if you've got the money and love suits, go crazy. Spend $5000. Phokis is not in this position.
  14. TdK

    Suits For Men

    I should have qualified further. His immediate peers, law students, are unlikely to tell the difference. Certainly, lawyers who care about their appearance would know better. Phokis is heading into first year (I assume, it sounds that way). I tailored my advice for that purpose, keeping in mind he'd be much happier spending under $800. But it's a fair point to note there are people out there who will spot the expensive from the inexpensive.
  15. TdK

    Suits For Men

    @Phokis I have a pretty similar height and weight as you (6'2, 180lbs). Unless you have an odd body shape, you don't need a made to measure suit. You could go to a store like Tom's Place in Toronto and get both a charcoal and navy suit for around $800-900 bucks. If you want one suit that's higher quality, Tiger of Sweden fits well for men who are slim and tall, although they are a bit above your price point. Keep in mind, you're entering law school. You may put on or lose a few pounds by the time you're working. Buying an expensive suit now is probably not the best choice, and if you get a suit that fits properly (shoulders need to fit first, you can tailor everything else) very few people are going to spot the difference between a $400 suit and a $1000 suit.