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  1. My university gives our grades in percentages so that's just the average of all my grades
  2. In the queue as of January 3rd. 3.93 cGPA and 158 LSAT. General Category.
  3. I applied to Osgoode, UofT, UBC, U of A, and Queens. Trying to decide if I should rewrite the LSAT because I'm sure I can do better.
  4. Which course did you take for 7Sage? I'm considering either the starter or premium.
  5. Wow I definitely did not know that. Thanks for the info!
  6. Sorry isn't a lot of this true for UBC as well though? Isn't UBC known internationally (more than York but maybe not UofT), and has excellent clinical and intensive opportunities? I still kinda see why they are more expensive though, given the fact that they provide an advantage for Bay Street, which on average has higher salaries than Vancouver firms. Sorry can you explain what you mean by this? Where is the job market tight, and which city is having trouble keeping associates? Isn't the legal market is in trouble on a national scale, not just for certain cities? Thanks again for the replies everyone!
  7. I feel like the cost of living in Vancouver will be more than that of North York. I don't know if it will be 20-25k more expensive though. Btw how did you get 20-25k a year? Osgoode's annual tuition is 28k, while UBC's is 12k. I know that is still insane but I think you were comparing the tuition of UBC and UofT. That does lead into my next question though? Is there a reason why Osgoode and UofT are so much more expensive? For people who would choose Osgoode/UofT over UBC, how do you justify the massive difference in tuition. UBC is consistently ranked one of the best universities in Canada. Is this because of work experience in a firm on Bay Street or because of Osgoode? I would also like to thank everyone for the replies!
  8. I'm more concerned about night classes. I'm not really into partying so the nightlife isn't that important to me. In undergrad some of my classes went until 10pm and then I had to walk home alone. That was never an issue though since the area was very safe. Is it safe to walk home late at night through the Osgoode campus and surrounding areas?
  9. I know it's not great to leave the city you did law school in, but I honestly cannot decide which city I would prefer to live in. GTA is all I know. But I've been to Vancouver so many times and I really like the atmosphere there. I will obviously eventually make a decision, but if I end up not liking my decision, I would like to have the option of moving to the other city. Also, I forgot to add this to my original post, but one of the things that worry me about Osgoode is the location. I lived in North York when I was younger and I really don't like the area. How does this affect the law school experience? And how does the location compare to UBC campus? Also, which school has a more tight-knit law community?
  10. Hello everyone, I was wondering which law school would be better for me. I know the general consensus is that Osgoode is better if you want to live and work in Toronto, and UBC is better if you want to live and work in BC. But my question is which one is better for working in the other market? Meaning would it be easier to work in Toronto if you go to UBC or work in Vancouver if you go to Osgoode. The reason I ask this odd question is that I am from Toronto, but would like to live in BC someday. However, I am aware of the fact that the legal market in Toronto is much larger than the legal market in Vancouver, and the pay is higher as well. I also have family and close friends in both cities and the surrounding areas, but my parents and siblings and most of my friends live in Toronto. Therefore, while I would like to live in Vancouver someday, I really want to have the option to work in Toronto as well. And my last question is, which one of these law school has the better reputation nationally and internationally? Looking forward to your responses.
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