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  1. Got the email today and I couldn’t be happier since it’s my top pick! GPA: 3.61 on olsas but I suspect they calculated differently for McGill as my course sequence was weird due to co-op LSAT: Took twice, averaged 157 LOR: I think pretty good because they were both profs I did extracurriculars with and both had gone to McGill Law CV: international experience, bilingual (no French interview), school leadership roles, somewhat unique ethnic background, ongoing community development work. Tbh I’m still in shock I got in and have been checking my email all day to make sure I read properly. Can’t wait to meet those of you who will be accepting! Good luck to those still waiting!!
  2. I sent a message to OLSAS and they let me know that there will be another download of the scores on Friday so if your scores are still missing, check back then.
  3. I haven't had my Nov score update in OLSAS yet... I assumed due to the holiday season, it might take longer to process. Did calling them get it done @intellectualpossum?
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