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  1. Thanks for the perspectives everybody. I feel that working as a dentist and lawyer simultaneously isn't a good idea financially nor very practical and that law school would be too much of a hassle to pursue as a "hobby". As someone else mentioned, I've been looking into MBA programs for some time and I'll probably go for one as I think they are better as they complement dentistry better, are shorter in duration and offer more flexibility (ie. evening classes).
  2. I'm mostly just interested in working in law part-time, but yeah there really isn't any synergy between law and dentistry.
  3. I'm interested in law and would like to go to law school, partly for fun and partly to open new career options. Is this a good idea? Did anyone here do something like this? Also, are there any law schools that allow you to study part-time while working full-time in another career (dentistry in my case)?
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