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  1. Ya - part of the glory of working for 5 years is it's O.K. to spend the money on applying everywhere, I think it is definitely worth it. And 10-4 on the higher LSAT, I guess I will try again with the November sitting.
  2. Hi all, I wrote the LSAT and received a 161 - but I have a pretty mediocre GPA. My CGPA is a 3.1, my B2 is somewhere close to a 3.2, and L2 is the same. I am considering all schools but here is the kicker, I got diagnosed with narcolepsy shortly after leaving school - after which I started getting medicated for it and when on to do some neat things in life in the 5 years since (graduated in W2014). I opened up a business consulting for geology, and was able to secure a bunch of contracts - as well, also did some work for a startup for a heavy oil asset which was on First Nations land and was part of the "process" of Native treatment, equity, shares etc. I would like to show that my CGPA wasn't reflective of my potential, (honestly, who has 6 naps a day?), but I could use some advice on just how to proceed? Should I apply as just a regular applicant? Should I use the special access category? Thank you kindly in advance.
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